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Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
His collection has resorted once again to a topic that has been one of his constant sources of inspiration: the Western... but luxurious. In general the models for autumn - winter of Ralph Lauren, who has already celebrated his 40 years in the world of the fashion, tilt between the elegance british, and the pledges of the purest American tradition. Round colors, high quality textiles and a topic that dominates in the fashion of this year and that Ralph has used with big wise move for every hour of the day: the pictures.

A series of garments, long skirts and comfortable sets in woven double - face or of cashmere they are the most urban part of the collection. The coloring is nourished of intense tones like the red one, the green, orange and the purple without rejecting any black's accurate touches. Lauren, expert in combinations, uses the print leopard to combine it with the least vibrant tones models and for his caps and skullcaps. It resorts to the contrast of the red one and the black for sets of certain Russian inspiration and of military air.

The pictures are the key point of his collection, in general of big size with those that life gives to his woodcutter's shirts, overcoats, reefers and even to a few beautiful night garments. Scotch pictures, pictures window, miscellanies between both and again the contrast of the red one and the black and of the white person and the black. For the night it uses the velvet and especially the tulle. Covered skirts of tulle of embroideries and even covered with pens or beads.

It has been said that Ralph Lauren is the first one who has sold the fashion as concept and that it had the wise move of spreading in the 60 between the Americans the impact of the fashion "british" and from the 90 of introducing between the Europeans the concept of "american dream". He has always been a designer much appreciated by the "celebrities" of different epochs that they have been able to penetrate in the timeless messages that wrap his fashion Audrey Hepburn, who appeared between his clients, he was saying: "If you say of something that he is `muy Ralph Lauren´ in the moment they understand you."

In this October Ralph Lauren will present a new fragrance called "Love" in bottles silver and gilded at the reasonable price of … 2.900 Euros, one of the most expensive of the market. Also he has bet for his sale for another luxurious modality: the stores Harrod's of London. But in spite of all these inaccessible targets for most of the mortal ones, Ralph Lauren offers for all his inspiration that serves to us to know better the mesenteries of the fashion autumn - winter 2008-09.

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