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Christian Lacroix in the Museum of Decorative Arts
For: Gemma Piñana
Christian Lacroix / Cartel Exhibition
Chistian Lacroix
Chistian Lacroix
Chistian Lacroix
Chistian Lacroix
It is defined by the brilliant colors, the luxury and the perfection. He is one of the designers preferred by the Spanish infanta Helen de Borbón. The Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, next to the museum of the Louvre he dedicates a very particular retrospective, which it includes the years 1987-2007 and which will be closed on April 20, 2008. The sample, finally, is a miscellany of exhibition and collection, of compilation of suits and of presentation of Seam.
More than 400 garments compose the sample, pieces chosen scrupulously by Christian Lacroix, a designer who grew up in the French Provence and who familiarized himself very quickly with the bulls, the gypsies and the coloring provenzal. In many of his collections it takes and recreates elements of the suit of killer, of the gypsies, of the in Goya's style thing, of Andalusian... some of them say that he is the most Spanish designer of France.

The exhibition of Lacroix in Paris is very singular and it splits into three parts: the first one a series of historical suits chosen and placed of a particular way in the assembly for the proper designer; the second one, the extracted models of the workshops of the author, which illustrate twenty years of creation and show up the historical perspective of the fashion; the third one, a direct intervention and renovator on having mixed certain pieces of wardrobe of the past belonging to the museum, with more recent others of the French creator. The result is a reinvention of a new silhouette.

Christian Lacroix, who has numerous clients and followers in Spain, like Meriem Mezian, has donated to the Museum of the Suit several of his holiday suits, as said missis Mezián, suit that is exhibited in the shop windows of the permanent collection.

Lacroix studied Art history in the University of Montpellier and later it extended studies in the Sorbona and in the school of the Louvre. In 1970 it met Jean-Jacques Picart who led him to being employed at Hermés and later at Jean Patou. In 1987 it gained the award to the “more Influential foreign designer” on the part of the Designers' Council of Fashions of the United States and opened its own high fashion house.

In his design repertoire they represent, in addition to suits, collections of jewels, portfolios, shoes, glasses, ties and scarves. His number of shops has been multiplying little by little.

In the Parisian exhibition, Lacroix has assembled the suits for topics that go from the target to the black happening for the colors, the flowers, the graphic symbols, the ethnic thing... “I have associated them with the pieces of the museum, up to mixing and centrifuging the different periods”, he tells.

“The fashion never stops”, the French designer declares. “This exhibition is not a retrospective but my look on the collections of suit and on the fashion that lodges the Museum of Decorative Arts and my work”.

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