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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Francisca Blázquez
Dimensionalismo / F. Blazquez
Dimensionalismo / F. Blazquez
Dimensionalismo / F. Blazquez
Francisca Blázquez is an artist to interdiscipline, although essentially painter, authoress of the theory of the Dimensionalismo that applies to any plastic discipline. It started with the jewelry shop inside a natural experimentation process, since from the beginnings it has realized esculto-painting, sculpture and sculptural facilities, some of them of 800 square meters of extension, For her, "to create in jewelry shop is to return to the space and to the volume, working with noble materials or not, inside a contemporary exposition".
Francisca Blázquez defines the Dimensionalismo like "a theory that is based in there travel across the angelic, spiritual, physical, chemical, quantum, cosmic, galactic, energy dimensions, the dimension of the love and so many people others that are interconnected by a visible and invisible network". It always works inside series because to he allows to develop with more efficiency and depth the ideas.

His pieces go fundamentally in silver, gold, precious stones, diamonds, circonitas or any material, "always according to the idea". His inspiration is nourished of "the quantum physics, the dimensions, the geometry, the cosmos, the universe, the life or the transcendency".

He thinks that his teachers are the work, the effort and the discipline. "The classic formation is important, but, also it it is, the experimentation and the confidence in one himself. From the classic artists he would emphasize Miguel Ángel, Leonardo da Vinci, and, between the most recent, Velázquez and Dalí".

The designer shows his jewels in fairs and art galleries of the whole Spain. "Also I usually combine exhibitions of painting with exhibitions of jewelry shop in certain points". He says that his pieces are directed "to every person characterized by his spirituality, contemporary commitment and refined social dynamics and, especially, to the persons who tune in for sensibility".

Francisca Blázquez shows that his jewels collection is "atemporal because it is artistic and works to the margin of the fashion. A jewel is like a painting or a digital work, it possesses its own personality, arises of inside, it is only, it does not possess intention of pleasing but of harmonizing with the proper one I. Then it is the spectator who must fall in love with her".

He affirms that "a jewel can be for the whole life, but also for a moment. I do not agree in retouching a jewel or a work of art of any another discipline, unless it is with intention of restoring a deterioration of the same one. Everything else is to commit an outrage against the integrity of the artist”.

With regard to the best public jewels collections, Francisca Blázquez thinks that there is no certain museum of jewels to be highlighted, although "there are interesting some of them for his contemporaneity like Museu d'Arts Decoratives de Pedralbes in Barcelona, which shuts up a notable collection of jewels of avant-garde, only in his genre in our country. As for author's jewel, I like the section of jewelry shop of Teatre-Museu Dalí of Figueres (Girona) acts of the teacher Dalí. It is still still to create the National museum of Jewelry shop, a museum compromised with the historical avant-gardes and with the actuality. In this sense the Museum of the Suit in Madrid fulfills an important part like National museum, but I throw in absence a specific Contemporary National museum of Jewelry shop”.
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