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For: José F. Serra
We have released a new year. The calendar says to us, a little challenging, that we are already in 2009. The optimists have received it with: one more year! and the pessimists with: one year less! The passage of time always suggests us concrete targets, the easy some and sometimes superdifficult others, as for example: to obtain the eternal youth. If the fashion has become optional and gives game to a lot of possibilities, in the topic of the personal esthetics it is implacable, it is necessary to have a flexible and rectilinear figure and: especially! to be a young man... or, at least, it to seem.
The desperate battle to gain the game to the time does that today many women, and every time also more men, come to face-lift clinics, or that to demonstrate that he is “young people of heart“ they practise the physical exercise or some sport of forceful or even excessive form. The thing is not for less. In the current system of appearances, which marked deep changes from the 60s, the ideal has been forged of looking alike increasingly to the young people, of dressing like them, of trying the myth of Magnificence adapted to our century. The revaluation and promotion of the youth has been imposed like an unquestionable value of the modern western civilization.

In addition to the surgery the cosmetics have taken also letters in the matter. The products "anti-age" are the protagonists of the investigations of the laboratories and the beauty marks compete in offering more and more effective products. They offer like obtaining an appearance of ten years less to which it discovers implacably the date of the identity card, treatments shock and dermo-repairers or a change of look with the ideal of looking alike to the model who serves as image to the product that, curiously, he does not need from any special treatment to have a luxuriant and juvenile aspect.

The psychologists have attracted attention on the widespread opinion of which the women go out losing much more with the advance of the age that the men and which this one measures with different barometers for the man and for the woman. In general it is insisted very much in the attraction of some "mature" men and in his success between the young women, but – although every time the exceptions show themselves more - it keeps on being less current that the mature woman seduces a young man.

It is not strange that the cosmetics marks attract attention on the delight of the mature women and that they look for advertizing slogans to please the consumers of major purchasing power with phrases like “being a young man it is not to be beautiful” ó “a thing is the youth and other one the beauty”, but they continue with his struggle without rest to prepare or to attenuate the ravages of the implacable passage of time and some of them prophesy that his successes will achieve even to displace to the face-lift interventions.

The longing for feeling younger can be an effective attraction for the personal life if it does not fall down in the error of which the youth must be looked only of an external and superficial form. It is not demonstrated that one is a young man resorting definitely neither to artificial means nor to the steadfastness in the gymnastics or the exercises that help to support the elasticity of the figure. There is imposed a personal attitude that goes beyond the physical appearance. To be a young man is to have future projects, to preserve intact the values of the coexistence, to adhere to new skills and ways of life without giving to understand “that any last time was better” is not to resign itself before the evil like anything inevitable and to see the things across a positive and transcendent prism. The Magnificence myth appears to us in the much more demanding current epoch. To look like a young man is, in addition to a few esthetic care, an exercise of the intelligence and of the will. And, in some cases, the expediency of following the council of an expert in aging, the teacher Kirkwood, who thinks that the youth is overvalued and she recommends a method with extra cost on any class of esthetic treatment: not to ask ever nor to say the age.