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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Elio Berhanyer
Elio Berhanyer
Elio Berhanyer
Elio Berhanyer
Eighty dedicated years to embellish the woman are evident. Decisively, it is another history inside the current panorama of Spanish designers; it leaves of the norm because it has never been in her. It remains neither in the tendencies, nor the color, nor in the politically correct forms: he is Elio Berhanyer, the last mohicano. Partner and successor of the big ones of the seam, has been able to adapt himself to the times that they cover.
What is it possible to say about Elio Berhanyer and about his glamorous proposal for the spring, but it has the stamp of the brilliant couturier? The flower excellently, the rose taken by each of the models was the whole simbología of what he wanted to transmit: elegance, sophistication, color and a lot of femininity. A claim of the high fashion to which he devoted himself in his beginnings.

Three different airs circulated along the footbridge, with the common denominator of the color, of his timeless designs - out of the air ochenteno that invades us - and of an exquisite elegance.

Seaworthy Sport. - His collection Began with a line cruise with all the archetypes of the look more to the Côte d'Azur: knitwears and cotton for pants, T-shirts and cárdigans in white, navy blue and red. Smooth tones, but also with streaks and with motives of anchors and knots. Necklines ship, pants and straight skirts, closings with zippers or with set of buttons gilded in jackets and sleeves to the elbow. Ballerinas to game with, purses bandolier.

Elegance in the cocktail. - Short Garments over the knee without exaggeration, of straight lines, accompanied by light overcoats to the same height and jackets to the hip. White and navy blue again, but also miscellanies of living tones as the yellow one and the deep blue one. Level and crêpe of silk as for textiles. High heel without excess.

Brilliant nights. - The Whole colors palette in the night, long and short garments realized with vaporous gasas, glossy silks, taffetas atornasolados and sophisticated laces. Red, yellow, oranges, purples, blue, pistachio nuts, fuchsias... Also black and white person. Wall lights of galloon work and embroideries. Dressed in straight line in only one color, two-color and with soft floral patterns, of very classic and timeless style. Necklines word of honor or in uve type peplum. Drapeados, frills and layers. A brilliant style, full of fantasy and very romantic.
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