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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The air of holiday that impregnates the ambience presides today at our magazine ASMODA.
The air of holiday that impregnates the ambience presides today at our magazine ASMODA. The winks of the lights of the streets and the shop windows of all the cities of the world place us prematurely before the biggest holiday: the Christmas and after her the premiere of a new year, a date that he remembers, from pole to pole, that Christ's arrival to the ground happened already 2007 years ago.

One year that goes out and other that comes they drive always to do, on the one hand, a balance and for other to excite us with the new things that this unforeseeable 2007 will bring to us under the arm. In ASMODA we want to congratulate to you first of all the holidays, a good way of thanking all those persons who follow us and encourage us from different countries of the world. And also to announce our projects to you for the next year following the rule of the Spanish saying: "New year, new life”.

The fashion has not been found by better accomplice than Internet to throw his messages. During eight months that ASMODA counts of life we you have can transmit the tendencies, the changes, the innovations, the opinions of important designers and discover the very varied facets that the fashion has from the cultural and anthropological point of view or like an accurate reflex of the society and the life styles.

This look backwards of a still very short past, it counts for all those that we make ASMODA with very positive elements. From all the points of Spain, but also from very different countries France, Poland, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Thailand, Japan etc. we have received encouraging letters of persons who have tuned in to us and have understood very well the real philosophy of our magazine that tries to inform, do a positive criticism and bet for those fashions and ways more according to the dignity of the person. The publishing line of the magazine is that the fashion is not an only one phenomenon to admire but to analyze and to study.

And now we pass to the projects. On the one hand the magazine will change his design and his look and will introduce a very attractive new paragraph: "The young people”. You are asking us for it with insistence from different places and today we can move forward that the new section will touch topics related to the personal fashion design (how there are extracted party, colors that they favor...); fund tendencies (where from do they go out, what they mean); opinion and office, so that you give yours seem about the diverse proposed topics. This is an only one advance...

Across our magazine we wish you peace and happiness before the new year and especially before the event of the Christmas, a news that today we transmit across the on-line communication, but that has had a competition of universality and unbeatable rapidity: they transmitted it like novelty and exclusive the angels that were swirling about a portal in Bethlehem, a city today lacerated by thousand conflicts and wars but that, like paradox, it keeps on being a modality for those who look for the peace in the deepest sense of the word.

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