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For: Josefina Figueras
Josefina Figueras, Director of ASMODA
Mercedes Barroso, Writer - chief of ASMODA
Asmoda celebrates his first year of life! During this contact time with all of you we have tried that the magazine was following the itinerary ilusionante that we proposed from the beginning to become an instrument, not only of information, but also of opinion and an analysis of the relation of the fashion with the esthetics, the culture and the life styles.
All those that we make Asmoda we chase these targets across the different sections of the magazine in which the specialists in every matter venture his orientations and advices. If in “Collections“, “Tendencies“ and “Complements“ we select the last thing that appears in the mixed universe of the fashion, in the "Interviews" we have begun an open and positive dialogue with designers of the first line: Adolfo Domínguez, Lorenzo Caprile, Manolo Blanick, Elio Berhaanyer, Purification García, etc. that have told us his personal vision of the today fashion. We will continue in the future offering the profile and the opinions of the most out-standing personages and of major success of every moment.

They could not be missing in the magazine the cultural and artistic events related to the fashion in Spain and the foreigner how there are congresses, cultural seminars, exhibitions, books either across “Culture“ and “Events“ or our opinion about those aspects that demonstrate the cardinal importance that has the fashion in the society and in the historical moment through that he has had us to live. Y...: how not to recognize the big tuning that has the esthetics and the beauty with the tendencies of the moment? That's why in “Image“ we inform about the guidelines that they continue the makeups, the hairstyles and the last cosmetic throwings to do us to all more nice and... happier.

In Asmoda we are provided also with a section that we share with all of you and for which we feel a special fondness: the "Letters" that demonstrate us until we count point with the support and the persons' pursuit of different countries of the world across this rapid and wonderful communication of the digital route that by something is indicated like the mass communication media with better future horizons. Your opinions and suggestions will help us to that Asmoda has the profile and the weight that we all wish.

This first Asmoda anniversary needed some important innovations. And there they are! Since you see we release design. We hope that in addition to esthetic it should turn out to be practical and easy to handle to you.

We release also a space that we were already announcing to you in our number of Christmas: "Young Asmoda that speaks to our best public: the young people. Young Asmoda is provided with three new sections. The section “your look will give you the keys to find the point of your personal image. Personnel yes, because young ASMODA will give you some advices, but your personality only you can show it yourself being, with your personal point... In the section trendy“ you will find the most fresh and young tendencies, so that you renew yourself, when it is convenient for you and only if you like and he convinces you. Finally, we have prepared for you the section “forum“, that we dedicate you especially. In this section we hope that you should tell us your point of view on the topics so diverse that it presents the world of the fashion, your opinions, your objections...

The birthday of the magazine turns this way into the beginning of a new stage with the impulse of a more and more interactive and wide contact with all of you... Thousand thanks for your attention and help!
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