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Pepa Ortiz, director of the international fair of the infantile fashion.
For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
“Spain occupies one of the first places in the fashion for children”. Pepa Ortiz goes in the infantile fashion from the year 67, she is an expert in the textile industry and in the management of contests that take the child as a protagonist.
Pepa Ortiz, with 27 years at the head of FIMI, knows - and very much - on what it takes between hands; a woman who has achieved that FIMI and the Spanish textile industry are an international modality. 

In the latter years, it has achieved that FIMI is defined as “an international, dynamic, and essential lounge” not only like a business forum but like a platform of communication and of exchange of tendencies and ideas on the fashion. She has put, also, the bases of a new pedagogic and cultural dimension to the industries of the child...

What innovations has FIMI presented in his last edition
The most important innovation has been the call of the first edition of the Awards FIMI-Innovadores of the Infantile and Juvenile Fashion, promoted by FIMI. These awards want to recognize and reward initiatives in innovation putting in value already existing projects and promoting this practice in the companies that have not entered this dynamics yet. Because the innovation capacity is one of the bases of the differentiation.

How will these awards be structured?
The initiatives of innovation that will be rewarded in FIMI comprise three different categories for which the only prize will be awarded by category. The first one will value the innovation on the subject of product; other one will reward the skills, hardware and methodologies of knowledge management that introduce the productive processes used in the sector, and the last one will distinguish the innovation initiatives in the commercialization and marketing developed by companies of the sector. The winning companies will benefit from the informative platform and mediática that FIMI supposes.

Have there been innovations in the participation of signatures and of countries?
We have been provided with the participation of the signature Jocomomola, the mark of Sybilla that exhibits for the first time in FIMI his infantile line. On another report, so much Denmark, which a nursery school model mounts and celebrates a proper parade, like Portugal, that introduces the children and the infantile fashion in the world of the art, there are two of the countries that organize parallel activities. Other one of the most out-standing actions has been the parade of the new united fashionable infantile line in charge of the designer Manuel Fernández to obtain funds for the project financing of an ONG
What does the society demand on the infantile and juvenile fashion, and what offers FIMI?
The FIMI offer satisfies entirely, in my opinion, the demand of the society of consumption. The market demands over the whole product with a good value for money, that the clothes are comfortable, of design, that it marks tendency.

Towards what new markets does the FIMI future go?

FIMI looks very much to the east of Europe, fundamentally to Russia, at big infantile fashionable buying market Spaniard. Nevertheless, Europe keeps on being the biggest consumer of our fashion, with Italy and Portugal to the head. Mexico also is one of the big potential markets.
At present in Spain the birth rate is low and they are the immigrants that more children have. Does FIMI bear in mind this new social reality?
FIMI, like any business fair, has to adapt himself to this new social reality, and he is doing it. Although the birthrate is low, that obviously it is, the consumption is not all forms minor. I would say even that the families consume more for every son that they have.

What place does Spain occupy inside the infantile fashion?

Spain occupies one of the first places along with France and Italy. Both by his design and by his quality the Spanish infantile fashion is much appreciated in the whole world.

At what age does begin the child to be chosen if the same?
It is between the six and eight years when the children begin having proper criterion, they know exactly how they want to dress and how to combine the pledges and they have a certain weight in the decisions of buy. This fact does not escape to the marketing.

In the Valencian community: are great the companies that are employed at this sector? what is his present and his future?

I am quite optimistic. The present is alive, the companies enjoy a big dynamism and the future is encouraging. But we must be still attentive to the sociocultural changes and to the countries that can suppose a new competition.
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