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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Mercedes Reigada
Mercedes Reigada
Mercedes Reigada
Mercedes Reigada
Nim Gallery is the beautiful one jewels boutique, with art gallery in the low apartment. At the head of this artistic conglomerate there is Mercedes Reigada, an elegant designer, that likes the blue stones to game with the sky, the sea and his eyes. In the shop windows of his establishment proper works can be seen and of other contemporary designers.
Generous in the transmission of his knowledge, Mercedes Reigada gives periodically courses in different institutions. It has developed manuals for personnel training of jewelry shop and costume jewelry in department stores. He has spoken to us about the jewels, about his designs and about what means for her the creativity.

- What is your philosophy like jewels designer?
He would lie if he was saying that I do jewels only there is my taste without importing for me if they are commercial or not. I always try to do a type of jewelry shop inside the tendencies of the market that could be accessible to the majority of the consumers, not only for his price and quality but for his design, that is agreeable, ponible, useful, and which do not happen too fashionably, trying to give him a personal touch of mine.

- What materials do you use fundamentally? Why?
Normally I use noble metals, like the gold in all his varieties, the platinum and the silver and precious stones, from the diamond up to a sparkled quartz, or any type of natural stone. I never use either synthetic stones, or any type of imitation as the circonita.
- What has the author's jewel with regard to the anonymous one?
I believe that it is much more personal, with much more feeling, every jewel is a part of you, good or bad, but it is a teeny-weeny portion of what you feel in this moment. I only do the only pieces. And I never repeat although they ask me for it, also they never go out equal, an artist evolves and with him his creations.
- How is the design level in Spain and for areas?
We do not have anything that to envy to any other tendencies country or that takes reputation as his designs, the designers neither are the problem, but the public that they prefer marks with infantile symbols that there takes the whole world that also they neither are cheap they do not even have an exceptional quality to the only design. As for the areas, for my this Catalonia as for design, in fact I when I began more than 15 years ago to do my designs was selling them to the head there because in Madrid, the people were not prepared yet. Little by little that is changing but it is still a minority.

- In what is the Spanish design characterized?
For his freshness, his color, his vivacity … the Spanish we are like that, open, warm, and very eclectic and that is reflected in everything what we do, especially in the author's jewelry shop. It is not so cold and geometric like for example the German jewelry shop. 

- What does your design have of special?
Of Brazilian perhaps the use of the stones, since Brazil is one of the biggest countries with geologic deposits as for semiprecious stones refers, and they use them very much. And Spanish, I believe that the curved, warm lines, which I use for some of my pieces. 

- What Museum jewels are you interested in more?
All, especially, that it shows part of the history, of an epoch, of a tendency of the moment. It is learned very much looking at the magnificence of his manufacture and the use of the different materials. 

- Precious stones or semi beautiful?
For my sound all beautiful ones, although commercially they are divided this way, but like gemóloga that I am I look at them otherwise, more for his color, his interior life, which for his commercial value

- Háblame of the creativity.
He would be speaking hours on her, it depends very much what is understood by creativity … there are many types, so much like tastes. For me it is a gift that is refined and molding with the time, and that not the whole world possesses, although with a good approach and a good teacher nearby yours any person can be capable of developing it in some slope.
For me it is fundamental and it departs from my life. You get up with her every day, take care of it and spoil like your most quoted good and the day that he weakens or that leaves you for a few hours you spend it truly badly. I believe that it is what it differentiates to a few designers of others, the use that they make of her. And it opened of mind that they are to be able to be right with the tendencies and tastes of the consumer in this moment.
When a person sees a jewel of yours, and falls in love with her and he wants to take it to himself if or if, for many snags that you put to him, that is so gratifying for you, that there is worth it everything what you have had to spend to come up to this moment.
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