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For: Maria Gatón
Alberta Ferreti
Alessandro dell’ Acqua
Emilio Pucci
Center Armani
Jil Sander
Salvador Ferragamo
An intense week, that of the most important second fashionable footbridge of the world after Paris. We have seen again the Italian genius and the mastery in the making of his collections in all the creators. A singing to the perfection. Brave Milan!
Alberta Ferreti is praised by the blue, green and gray tones in chiffons and velvets. Superposed overcoats, with symmetries desestructuradas. The petite steals to nongo he acquires new proportions and forms, from necklines “word of honor” to forms covered for the work. Extraordinary and exact night black garments with pailletes. Clarity and coherence in a collection full of good creations.

Alessandro dell’ Acqua presents forms type Balenciaga, Levites and evasés in tones camel and blue lead, with exact forms and with superpositions. Cloths worked with an air of high fashion, very much black in day garments and in the night, spectacular shoes with bracelet and heels, and colors averages in contrast with the black. An original and creative collection.

Blumarine presents a very spring collection with roses, mallows, salmon and lilacs in dressed drapers evasés in silk and angora, with thousand unequal forms. The counterpoint, the wide black pants combined with different white shirts, belts and superpositions, skins applied for the overcoat and gasas with leopard patterns for the night. Dressed in cocktail in royle="font-size:12px;">
  1. The fashion and the mass media
  2. The fashion: a cultural phenomenon
  3. The stamp of the big designers
  4. Does the fashion propose and has...?
  5. The Spanish fashion inside and on the outside
  6. Balenciaga: an immortal myth
  7. Chanel and the new woman
  8. The fashion as social phenomenon and like personal expression
  1. Young people:
    1. Do you dress yourself or they dress you? (Image and Esthetics)
    2. Makeup
    3. Designers
    4. Fashion and communication
  2. University:
    1. Fashion, Esthetics and Culture
    2. Protocol
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