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Bread and Butter
Bread and Butter
Bread and Butter
Bread and Butter
One more year, it was celebrated in Barcelona the Bread and Butter, Fair of the Urban Fashion and of Sport for the winter 2008. With the motto “King Size“ and English like official language, the Fira, in his sixth edition, has renewed his importance in the world of the young fashion, chance and sports. The numbers speak themselves: a 160.000 square meters surface, almost 10 more % of exhibitors in relation to the previous edition, more than 100.000 visitors and a business movement for 100 million euros.

Division of the one that is celebrated in Berlin, also with a semi-annual regularity, Bread and Butter is also the whole spectacle: parades, musical performances, gastronomy of avant-garde, animation, gifts and even thematic holidays. Quite, so that the visitors and the young consumers of upper intermediate class see the most bold proposals in sneakers, jeans, textiles and "chance" luxurious clothes. The tejano has had a special pavilion dedicated to this timeless and chameleon-like textile, inside the thematic pavilions (Denim, Fashion, Superior, Sport and Street and Studio). Also there has been an enclosure dedicated to the marks that produce sports clothes of design called Sportwear. And the pavilion “The Source“, which agglutinated the producers of textile materials, companies of laundry, dyeing and complements producers.

As for marks, in Denim“ there has been A-style, Unsweetened mate, Freesoul, Indian Rose, or Pepe Jeans. Also the section dedicated to the footwear occupied an important place sport: Adidas, Vans or Dr. Martens have been some of the exhibitors.
In the "Top" area marks of international fame have been quoted: Armand Basi, Calvin Klein, K by Karl Lagerfeld, Humiliates, Munich. Bread and Butter is the same way a magnificent opportunity to present the designs of new professionals of the fashion, to listen to famous Djs, to be present at holidays and to see magnificent parades, like that of Custo Barcelona. Custo Dalmau was precisely who put the golden brooch to this edition, with a proposal very urban and easy to go. The parade was characterized by the habitual geometric patterns of the mark, but also by pledges in smooth and brilliant cloths. For the women they turned out to be dressed in details of big roses and bonds, trenchs and fur coats. The men showed us jackets, huntresses of leather and miscellanies of psychedelic patterns with streaks.

In the ambience of the Fair, thirty two students of eight schools of Barcelona of design presented his creations in retail shops in order to exhibit the imagination of young promises of the fashion. The best set will be announced next March and he will be granted himself by “Young Talent Price 08” in. The next edition will be from July 4 until July 6 in the city of a count to show the proposals of the summer 2009.
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