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For: Gabriela Fockt
His collection spring - summer is a singing to the nostalgia. Valentino has disregarded this time of his color fetish, the red one, to submerge in a fashion in which the target is the big protagonist. It has extolled again the color that in 1968, in a Roman room also half note, gave him his first big victory.
When in June, 2004 Valentino was in Madrid to gather his Trophy “The golden needle”, in the Museum of the Suit they were exhibited by big deployment, some red suits that have always been the signs of identity of the couturier. But his collection spring - summer 2007 presented in the Gallery Anne de Villepoix of Paris, has gone for other courses. Nothing better than the target for the delicate silhouettes that they have emphasized along his collection in those that it has played instructively with the geometry and with the volume concentrated especially on the sleeves.

The silhouette defines for high, some sizes style empire, like the overcoats and jackets with his characteristic ones edged in sateen with an air years 60 but with a completely contemporary touch. The frills to the bies, the drapeados, the suits embroidered in jewels, have been one more authorization to his clients and there is insuflado to the fashion in general the taste for the details that marks the itinerary of the High fashion.

The textiles adapt themselves to the fluid and delicate air of the collection: gasas, muslin, laces. In other textiles brocaded type we have discovered his characteristic spots but that this time have not looked for the contrast between two tones but they have stood out slightly on the cloth by means of relief. They emphasize some wall lights of natural skin in the overcoats and embroideries of flowers on the garments with a length that covers exactly the knee. The long night suits, of romantic air they accentuate the importance of the drapeados and of the sleeves lantern.

The entire reign of the target has made a light chink alone for other softest tones like the beig, and a tenuous pink stick that has been mixed if in gauze patterns with almost blurred flowers. The sateen bonds have been another constant in the collection: they are to neck evenness or marking the effect of high size.

It is said in the High fashion ambiences that this has been alone a preamble of the collection that it will present in July and that will sum up the whole magnitude of his craft and the whole perfection of his seam. Will it be a golden brooch to his career?... In any case Valentino will always be an indisputable modality of the most exquisite fashion. He is sure that there is a very narrow relation between the elegance and the intelligence. For him the fundamental thing in a woman his personality is, later the clothes. He advises to the woman that to learn to be recognized, but it is exhibited to be disguised, that the suits have to be something living and this life has to give them the one who takes them. A few very wise councils of a brilliant man who assumed the challenge of turning into the designer of the most elegant women of the world.
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