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For: Maria Candela
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
To find Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada in his study of the street Ortega and Gasset is the whole luck because this woman: not for! And to be able to interview it face to face is still a major fortune. When Ágatha lands in Madrid a pair of days, his agenda begins filling with meetings, meetings, presentations, social acts...: a madness! Skylight that to be successful that has this designer, it is necessary to be as it is she: vital, hyperactive, sincere, creative and, especially, very, very hard-working. Asmoda introduces you in the kingdom of our most international and controversial designer his exciting personality uncovers.
A little that attracts attention of me in you is the adventurousness with which he has ignored some esthetic maxims as “less it is more” or “the black is the color of the elegance”. Which are then his postulates, the maxims by which it is ruled in his creative work?
In my creative work, I am like that. I do the things that I believe that I have to do and that there are a part of my personality. My design is very personal, it does not have any explanation. Why do I do a heart? I do not know it. There are things: the color, the relation with the contemporary art... As for what you were saying about that I have broken with that thing about “less it is more”, I am baroque zero, I am a person super minimalista, what it spends is that I have a different minimalism.

You have broken schemes in the world of the marketing: she was the Spanish designer first in creating a global concept of his mark, it has about 70 licenses contracts to exploit his designs, and even has done of herself his mark image. What is the secret to unite art and business? Did you have a managerial strategy or simply him the luck has smiled?
Zero, here there is no strategy. It was a little by chance, but of strategy zero.

So: when did it call him El Corte Ingles, it called the luck to his door?
El Corte Ingles has changed my life. Nobody has helped me any more in the life that they. It has been a magic varita with me and I am super, super, super, super, super been grateful.

In addition to the licenses contracts, you are a news for the retrospectives of his collections, the organization of parades in Albania or Romania, the presentation of his Portuguese ladies in waiting in Mexico and New York, the design of a few Bandanas Solidarias against the breast cancer, the lighting of the street of Madrid, the design of a park in the municipality Neda native of A Coruna...: if you stop, are you dead?
Yes. I have a quite big success and in a moment of crisis as that we are now you cannot stop. First, because you die of boredom, and more if you are used to doing million things … I would like to be able to do several things simultaneously and I go wrong many days because you do not control.

What expectations do they have on the landing of the signature in China?
Just it is one of the projects that right now I have stopped with the crisis. In China I lack the suitable person or the suitable moment. I have invested there a money for two years, but they say that a retreat on time is a victory. It is not the moment in which I have the team that I should have.

Why do you believe that you have been for years more recognized it was than inside Spain?
Very well, in all places there are the people the one that likes very much mine and the people the one that does not like anything. At first my message was very difficult and I wanted that I it was, or that I am satisfied. When you do a difficult work it is normal that the whole world does not like. But the truth is that I cannot complain: I have been lucky that it is the pear limonera! In the life it is necessary to have problems. If the whole world likes yours, you look like the shift tontita.

Where from does it extract the creative force? Do the ideas ever finish him?

I have a lot of creative force, but also I am lucky of that little by little I am surrounding myself with a team of the people who feeds very much this force to you. In this study there is greatly passage of the people and we help some ours others.

Then to have a team behind is …
(It does not allow me to finish even the phrase) Fundamental. A thing that I love of my work is that it is a team work. In the fund the only thing that I do is to direct the team and that is the most entertaining, very entertaining. 

His work is deeply influenced by the contemporary art: for Miró, for Chillida, for Warhol, for American abstraction or even for the surrealism and for Kandinsky - as thinks Dolors Massot, authoress of a recent biography about Ágatha - but: do you think that the fashion can become considered an art?
Every day there are more fashionable exhibitions in museums. Now you go to the Metropolitan of New York and there is always a retrospective or a fashionable exhibition. Many museums are doing fashionable museums to themselves, there are many artists who base on the garment, there are many other women artists thanks to God, it is reflected very much on what you put yourself and I believe that every day the world of the fashion is closer to the world of the art.

What has allowed him to be over the tendencies that are imposed in every period?
I am quite independent, I am a very free person. Neither he knew very well how there were the tendencies. I have never understood myself very well with the topic of what sound the tendencies and have been lucky or the misfortune to have a very pronounced personality. The principal thing for me from teeny-weeny has been to do what gives me the desire and I have taken a tremendous habit to do what gives me the desire. And I cannot already work otherwise. Also, it does not bother me at all to take the opposite one to the others. 

You belong to the Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain: what is his evaluation of the Spanish fashion in the current moment?
The Spanish fashion is in the best moment, the best moment of his history and I hope that does not knock down the wave of the crisis to us. There is a very nice thing and the fact is that we are becoming very friendly some of others. For example, I love Elio Bernhayer very much and I am considered to be very friendly of Modest and of many others. On the other hand, in other countries the skin is extracted. I think that a very good ambience is created in the Spanish fashion. We will sell or will not sell, but we are so to taste.

Allow me to bring to collation the word most listened in the last months: crisis. For declarations that I have read, his seems to be to the bad weather, good face. What are his motives for being an optimist?
This of the crisis, which is a calamity, has the good part of that you are again as in your beginning. I am like much younger. The only recipe that I find against the crisis is to work the triple. I am as at first and how I was loving my beginning and quite happy age …: also you do not have to speak about expansions! Only of the survival and that is much more relaxing.

I have read a definition of his style that I have liked. He was saying “the happy clothes”. Does she feel identified with this description?
In the life it can try to be happy or be a poor wretch. There are the people who is the richest, that it has of everything and is the most unfortunate, and there are the people who has very small and is always happy. I believe that it must be genetic. Some day will be discovered because it is like a medicine of the happiness.
I, for example, had a grandmother who was super positive and super optimist, and I have had another people of my family that has been very negative and they have suffered very much. I realized and said to myself: "it hears, it seems to me that this team is better that other” and I signed up the team of the positive thing and of the happy thing.
Of course, for very happy that tries to be one, bad things always happen, but the important thing is like confronting the bad things. I belong to the team of the positives, not for nothing, but for egoism.
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