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For: Mercedes Álvarez
The impulse that Michelle Obama is giving to the North American fashion makes us throw a glance to the creations “made in USA”. Those who are lucky to go to the Big Apple in the next months will be able to pass for the Exhibition “American Beauty“, located in Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) of New York, and admire straight approximately 80 pledges of American designers.
It is not a retrospective of the American fashion, although it starts from 1910 and juxtaposes the work of the designers of the past with the current designers, as Elizabeth Toledo, Ralph Rucci, Jean Yu, Yeohlee, Maria Cornejo, and the sisters Mulleavy, who work under the tag of Rolling you. There are also almost unknown fashionable creators, like Jessie Franklin Turner, Elizabeth Hawes, Bonnie Cashin and Charles Kleibacker. His works are exhibited along with that of consecrated creators, as Halston, Claire McCardell and Charles James, between others.

"The garments in American Beauty are connected by a fundamental criterion: they all have been created by the designers who use the art of the seam as a starting point to create beauty, portable objects" – there has said Patricia Mears, assistant director of the Museum of FIT and Police station of the Exhibition.

Wonderful vintage can be admired, as well as main pieces in such disciplines like the drapeado, the cut and the tailoring, the geometric forms, and quite in a wide bogey of styles of clothes, from day suits, night garments up to sports clothes. Also suits used in Hollywood are included and of high fashion.

And who one of the collaborators could allow it to himself, across the fashionable portal Yoox, this Exhibition with the sample parallel "American Glamour", will be able to acquire the pieces of the present designers in the FIT. The Sample will be opened to the public until April 10.
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