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For: Josefina Figueras
22 on October 24, 2008
Fashion University and Company
1st Day - Laura Ponte and Pedro Mansilla
3rd Day - Francis Montesinos
4th Day - C. Ruiz, J. Figueras and R. Turret
The fashion not only is a question of lines, lengths, tendencies and colors. It is much more. Along with her they emerge life styles, social movements and declarations of the cultural worries of every epoch. From our Association “Fashion University and Company“, publisher of the magazine, we have always this way understood it, that's why our principal target has been from the beginning, to help to encourage a social conscience that understands the fashion as a culture of the beauty and of the dignity of the person.
From October 22 until October 24 it goes to celebrate in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid the First International Congress of Fashion organized by “Fashion, University and Company” and the “Top Center of Design of Fashion of Madrid”. This titled Congress “The fashion, a space of innovation and culture”, means for our Association an important milestone, a new challenge inside a trajectory that began in the year 1997 fruit of the effort of a group of professionals linked to the field of the fashion and of the communication in order to be a bridge between fashion and society to bring over these worlds of a more effective and human form.

From the beginning “Fashion, University and Company” has realized specific days, conferences and seminars that have studied the relations of the fashion with the company, the mass media, the new technologies or have presented it like a real image of the society. Between these activities we can emphasize the cycle of 5 Days “The Fashion a phenomenon to interdiscipline“ organized in collaboration with the Department of the Education and Social Pedagogics of the UNED.

In the year 2006 the Association initiated one more adventure: to report on fashion going down to his area, to think handles the tendencies, the collections and all kinds of events related to the garment and the image. Like that he was born During these two years across the magazine we have tried to continue itinerant excited that the Association planned from the beginning to be not alone information instrument, but also of opinion and an analysis of the relation of the fashion with the esthetics, the culture and the life styles. The subscriptions that come from the whole world, the more and more fluid contacts with our readership move us to excel ourselves increasingly to be able to offer a quality product.

Now the Association “Fashion, University and Company” faces the First International Congress for which we have joined a Center of Design of enormous prestige: The Top Center of Design of Fashion of the Polytechnical University of Madrid. Both we have worked intensely so that the Congress studies the fashion from the prism of a phenomenon social that it affects to an important sector of the world economy and of the innovation and that realizes an analysis of the relations of the fashion with ambiences like the company, the culture, the communication, the anthropology and the environment.

In the Congress personages of big prestige will take part on a global scale like the French sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky, the Italian semiologo Omar Calabresse, the North American sociologist Verónica Manlow. and others inside the ambience of the Spanish fashion like the designers Modesto Lomba, and Ann Locking, the philosopher Alfredo Cruz Prados, the journalist Pedro Narváez, the sociologist Pedro Mansilla and a length etc.

From we will keep on giving punctual news on the Congress about which there has already spoken extensively in our number of May in an interview Enrique Loewe, President of the Scientific Committee of the same one. You will find also a finished information across the web that appears on the page Home of or gaining access straight how

We hope that the initiative of the Congress will be very well received for that you have continued our activities and also for the more and more numerous readership of, the magazine that tries to transmit informations and opinions about fashion to you following his head motto “The fashion is an expression of us ourselves, of our meaning of life, of our personality, of our culture and of our history”.
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