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For: José F. Serra
Museum of the Suit - Madrid
Slaughterhouse - Madrid
Museum of the Suit - Madrid
Museum of the Suit - Madrid
Museum of the Suit - Madrid
Museum of the Suit - Madrid
Museum of the Suit - Madrid
The information about a next "transfer" of the Museum of the Suit of Madrid to the future National Center of the Fashion placed in the Slaughterhouse, caused a big stupor between the lovers of the fashion. If it is considered to be the distance that was measuring between 17.000 square meters of the current Museum the 4.000 that try to be enabled in the Slaughterhouse, more that of transfer it is necessary to speak about dismantling or at least about dismemberment. During the last months they have tried to look for logical solutions but the Commission of Culture of the Senate has just pushed any alternative back. Awful news for the fashion.
If we revise the trajectory of this Museum it is easy to foresee that is in one of the best moments of his history. His origin is in the Museum of the Regional and Historical Suit of the Spanish People of Barcelona that, after different stages, happened to be in 1993 the National museum of Anthropology and in 2004 the current one of Museum of the Suit. The building where it stays had been conceived like Contemporary Art museum and had received the National Architecture award being fitted perfectly to his functions. Recent renewals have updated some of his sections to adapt them to the current technologies and also the communication of the first floor has been restructured with the wonderful gardens that surround it.

The proposal of the People's Party in the Commission of the Senate was to demand from the Government to promote the Museum of the Suit so that it kept on fulfilling his functions. As thought senator Maria Josefa Nicolás, the museum had to remain in his current head office and not move to the enclosure of the Slaughterhouse as it was claimed. The proposal of the PP was refused by three votings in that there recured the result of 12 affirmative votes and 12 in against what had, according to the curious regulation of the Chamber, to push finally the motion back.

It was useless that one was alleging that this Museum has turned into a national and international modality with a spectacular growth of activities and of number of visitors. If there was, as one alleged, an authorization agreement with the Complutense University that supposed the transfer, the Government could propose compensation solutions with this institution to support his facilities.

For the socialistic parliamentarian Angel García the programmed dismantling was “an excellent solution to the abandonment that suffers the Museum of the Suit”. An affirmation that has stunned that we know the museum and his evolution and the praises that there have done of him important personages of the world of the fashion as they are the designers Valentino and Givenchy who have gone so far as to say publicly that the not one of the best could be considered, but the best of Europe.

As for the funds of the Ethnographic Patrimony the project includes the transfer to a future Museum of Ethnography of Teruel. For the senator of the PNV Look at Lore Leanizbarrutia it is a solution so that “the State is not the one that centrifuges all the cultural events” and for Parliamentarian Pere Sampol of the group Mixto it is good to "decentralize" certain cultural equipments. Whole that what is postulated is the division and the dismantling.

The project not only has moved the lovers of the fashion and of the art but also the hundreds of donors who have delivered to the Museum important pieces and who do not know now when it is going to happen with these pieces and they are afraid of the mailing of the same ones to other cities when mostly they pointed out that they were donating them definitely to the Museum of the Suit of Madrid. It is not known if the transfer includes Teruel also to the popular suits. The experts have pointed out that everything what should be to separate the textile collections it is a serious scientific error because all of them constitute a connection without continuity solution. Would it fit to anybody in the head that Paris was losing suddenly his Museum of the Suit (Palais Galliera) or the Ethnological Museum? So if God does not remedy it for a strange maneuver and an absence of knowledge of the topic, Madrid is going to remain without this so rich historical legacy and so well structured as it is this Museum

The Friends of the Museum of the Suit showed a few months ago a sheet in which it was read "Not" to his disappearance. An idea that we sign many … All those that we think that the disappearance of the Museum or his dismantling and division, it will be a blow for the fashion and the loss of a very interesting part of our historical legacy.
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