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ANTONIO PERNAS: “The beauty makes us more refined and happier”
For: Maria Candela
Antonio Pernas, Designer
Antonio Pernas is one of the makers of the Spanish quality prêt-à-porter your style minimalista, that resembles Donut Karan or Calvin Klein, keeps on triumphing in our footbridges. His friends say of him that Antonio Pernas, man and tag, are a luxury. Although he does not like speaking about himself, it allows to be interrogated and to we allow to discover better his figure and his work.
You have affirmed that you came to the business of the fashion “almost for hazard”. In fact, he began to study an engineering. Say to me: how was his incursion in this ambience?
In my university years one could not imagine that it would end this way. I did not choose to be a designer, rather they chose me. I inherited from my family a small factory that was preparing uniforms for the officials of the Navy and, little by little, we were proving new fields. I admit that I never looked for it.
For whom does Antonio Pernas design?
In fact, I do the clothes that I can do, take a route and exploit it. At the time of designing do not like being changing. We depart from basic pledges, childbearing of my beginning. For example, I design a woman's overcoat that does not weigh and is functional, with independence of the tendencies. Although these also influence me. For example, the gold, which so much has shown itself lately in the fashion has come to me to please Finally, I do a fashion that the people could put themselves, for the whole world.
We cannot speak about the mark Antonio Pernas without referring to another face of the currency, Maria Freire. What is the recipe of the success of this tête-à-tête?
Of the world of the wife and of the fashion of the woman, which more knows is the woman. That's why, Maria and I form a complementary tandem. I am musical, an artist, the nature excites me … She is more pragmatic, more rational and, finally, a woman.
Creative turned into businessman or man of company disembarked in the design?

The cultural part of the fashion is the one that more I am interested in, that less, the company. I meet like the Simón in the Buñuel desert. But I realize that in this business not only it is necessary to create but to produce, to sell and to try that the industry is always supporting behind the design.
His collaboration with different associations is known in favor of the human rights. How does the struggle conjugate against the famine and the misery with the taste for the luxury and the plenty?
I am against of the death penalty, of the abortion. I am in favor of the life. It is not important for me to say publicly that I do not agree with the condemnation to Sadam Hussein. Anyhow, my character is not completely reflected in my work. I design for the people. I think, on the other hand, that also I help if with my work and my success in the business I am paying to my personnel and creating a just society.
You were one of the pioneers of the Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain. What does he think about the possible one and announced transfer of the Museum of the Suit to another head office?
It looks like to me an error, since his current place is a magnificent place to promote it, not to close it. The news is a little worrying. I notice certain absence of interest on the part of the Department towards the Museum.
His signature discovered us to young designers of the size of Juanjo Oliva, Jorge Vázquez or Juan Duyos. What would say to the young people that they give his first steps in the world of the design?
A designer must have a good preparation. Experience without preparation? I do not believe in her. It is possible to be creative for nature, but what is given genetically has to be promoted. The new creators have to know that this is a very hard world, in which there is a big dependency. The designer is in a continuous struggle. In any case, I conceive the designer like a way and not like an end.
How would it define its own formation?

I appropriate of the phrase of the famous architect Mies Van de Rohe to define it: "I read good books, I worked next to the good architects” Also I like very much the painting and I am filled with enthusiasm by the pictures of Hockney and the coloristic painting of Rothko. I would like extending in the world of the fashion my personal formula: love, knowledge, steadfastness.
What does when he rests?
My rest centers especially on the contact with the nature. I like sheltering in the Galician area of Morte's Coast that I consider to be very poetical. The contact with the beauty looks like to me the stone of touch of every designer. The beauty makes us more refined and happier, dignifies us. That's why we should learn all to love it.
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