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For: Josefina Figueras
There has come the moment to discover all the lines, inspirations and colors that the fashion offers us for the next period. There risks the victory of an elegant style that gets in the paths of the romanticism with white tones, pastries and light textiles but with fits of a futurism that slips in in the most avant-garde collections. The luck this throw. Only it is lacking to be able to choose.
It continues the victory of the garments. There are three alternatives: recta, type tunic or with volume. The white shirt – essential in the current closet - is outlined like base to get longer and to create dressed in new structures.

Short, straight jackets and with rounded shoulder pads. Some tailors adopt the masculine esthetics but in general one does not look for the unit of color and textile between the skirt and the jacket or the pants but the harmony between two different pledges. 25 anniversary of the death of Grace Kelly puts us on the track of some of his movies and gives wings to the colonial style of Mogambo.

Light textiles. Like organzas and muslins that allow the romantic touch of the frills and drapeados. We find the vinyl and the plastic ones alone in those of spatial air who remember the esthetics of the 60s.

The colors cake. They share his leading role with some round colors like the yellow one, one tone that there have lavished very much some Spanish designers like Josep Font, Miguel Palacio and Elio Berhanyer, the blue – of the electrical one to the ink - and the magenta.

The target. It continues in the first line and the black will be still unbeatable in spring up to being cornered by the summer rigors. The target has been the absolute protagonist of the collection of the Belgian designer Martín Margiela and has flooded Valentino's footbridge with a collection full of romantic pieces with frills and drapeados. In the Spanish fashion we have seen it especially in the collections of Amaya Arzuaga and Alma Aguilar.

The gold and the silver. They continue in his most refined version or with futurist tints inspired by the movies of science fiction. Nicolás Ghesquiere has created for Balenciaga levels of golden mesh, silver and copper

The waist receives leading role. And the size is located a little highly or in his place marked by widely belts and corseletes. Many asymmetric and some necklines type necklace.

The wild touch. It replaces the feline winter look with less "warm" animals like the zebra and especially with the crocodile and the python that we will see in jackets and complements.

Other details Spring - summer 2007. The mono-pants, the skirts with small frills, the leggins, the purses over-size, the sandals with wedges and the highest platforms, the floral and vague or geometric patterns and of round contrasts, the embroideries and wall lights with air “Hollywood years 50” and the fringe adornments.
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