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Hoss Intropia
Pink footbridge / Custo Barcelona
Chus Burés
Lauren Bush
To the fashion it has been corrected often of frivolous and superficial but the things are changing... We read often informations that reveal to us a new and interesting facet of the fashion: his united worry. The big signatures of the luxury and also others with less projection and resources, prepare to collect funds across his products to fight the social injustices of a world that needs help to mitigate his tremendous lacks. Are we before the first steps of a much more responsible fashion?
It is not any secret that the sector of the luxury obtains, in spite of the crisis, a few fabulous profit and they have decided some of these signatures to dedicate part of his budget to charitable causes. We have a recent example in the signature Bulgari, of international, present projection in more than 100 countries, which has included between the celebrations of his annual 125 a campaign in favor of “Save the children” with the sale of a "united" ring and for which it reckons between his targets to help to obtain up to 2010 a quality education for 8 million children.

Other signatures dedicate his united targets to the most varied projects. The needs are great and in a world in which more than 900 million persons suffer the scourge of the famine and many others the proliferation of serious illnesses there is where to choose. Some of them decide on the promotion of the woman like Hoss Intropia that it helps to a cooperative of the most unprotected Indian women, and others take part in actions in favor of the children as Custo Barcelona that Rosa de la Republica Dominicana has informed in the Footbridge to collect help funds for the Center of Nutrition of the Child Jesus that it provides, food, hygiene and education to undernourished children from 0 to 5 years.

In the latter times the journalists we have received frequent invitations for presentations of "united" objects as there are the bracelet of Chus Burés destined to collect funds for ONGs with development projects that make the accessibility of the water possible in the African continent ó like “Feed bag” creation of Lauren Bush presented by El Corte Ingles to contribute to a school program of feeding of United Nations. All these facts lead us to detecting a “evolution of the fashion” towards an ethical responsibility that reaches also other symptoms as the ecological worry and the environmental average impact and especially the alertness and control of many companies so that the production of the luxurious objects that consumes Occident, does not suppose in any oriental countries, a few forms of work with salaries and schedules much removed from the social justice.

This need for claim begins being accused like one of the most marked and novel features of the current fashion. In a society obsessed with the skill and the profitability, which bears much more in mind the economic values that the humanistic and cultural values, the fashion needs to do an effort to stop being seen like a paradigm of the superficiality, of the frivolity, of the insubstantial thing and the ephemeral thing. It is true that in the latter years the fashion it has emphasized more his cultural facet, has entered the museums and it is not considered to be already suitable that a designer does not have a solid artistic and humanistic culture, nevertheless he still has left a long way that to cover and we see it in too much occasions descomprometida of the real life, a fashion narcicista and dehumanized, with that his creators look greedily for the original occurrence, the rapid theatricality the sexist touch or the immediate impact without drawing sufficiently that the mission of the fashion goes to dress the person not to a hanger. The mass media we have helped to promote perhaps this facet of advertizing impact and of choc forgetting more solid and interesting others.

It is a very encouraging sign nevertheless that the "responsible" fashion, which worries for the way of production of the clothes and tries solidarizarse with the environmental or economic needs for the planet, gains area without need that it loses the playful and creative facet that him is proper. We can speak already fashionable ethics but with the clear idea of that this adjective reaches many aspects, not alone location, but also that they affect to the same extract. The philosopher Alfredo Cruz Prados was explaining it this way in a conference pronounced in the First International Congress of Fashion celebrated in Madrid “An ethical fashion is not primarily a fashion compromised only with values and external causes to the fashion: the peace, the poverty, the environment. These commitments are very positive but the ethics of the fashion consist first of all and essentially in that respects and arranges his own and intrinsic values. Ultimately it is a faithful fashion if the same, faithful to his culture condition”.

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