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For: José F. Serra
Angel Schlesser
Javier Larrainzar
Alma Aguilar
Miguel Palacio
Elio Bernhayer
The holidays approach and the fashion becomes dazzling. The round sheen of the spangles and the metallized ones along with the most discreet of the sateen, they mark the tendencies. The garments sign up to the new volumes, to the miscellany of textiles, to the magic of the gathers and the drapeados. The black color, winter king, is illuminated by color fits and leaves a margin for the vitalism of the red one and of the purple, green and blue tones. The Spanish fashion shows us his most festive face for a few only days.
The garment is the strong point of the fashion of this winter. Recta of only one piece take, marking silhouette, others surrounded to the waist or more rested style “baby doll”. They adopt the tone ochentero that give him the shoulder pads although these are thinner and sharp-pointed than in the 80 and with oriental air.

Petite steal to nongo” it is ideal for holidays. Olive Juanjo has introduced it in his collection. We her find in many designers smooth or with the detail much 2010 of the asymmetric neckline. Elio Berhanyer signs up to the elegance of the dark brown with corselete and golden bond.

Skirts and blouses with festive air. For the day and for the night. The long skirt for the night has turned almost into a closet fund. Black or red skirts with white blouses or in tones confirmed like the model of Javier Larrainzar: purple long skirt with yellow blouse.

Blouses of sateen or giltheads with pants of oriental style as that we see in the collection of Roberto Torretta, of Carmen March or of Victorio and Lucchino. The white blouse, in romantic version with frills and wall lights it combines of marvel with the pants or the skirt pipe quarter note. Brocaded jackets with skirts tulipa or abullonadas

Technological textiles, sateens, laces and the considered velvet the king of the holidays who is used in suits and black overcoats or of subdued tones. The red suit is adjusted by the dense black averages as Angel Scheleser proposes. The purple and blue tones pop in in the holiday both for the day and for the night. And also the green that begins to show vibrant in a short garment of Miguel Palacio ó slightly more extinguished in a long night suit with asymmetric Larrainzar neckline.

Miscellanies of dull and brilliant textiles. Mastery of the patterns that Victorio and Lucchino present with an exquisite taste. We find them in the collections of different classes: cashmere, inspired in the abstract painting, psychedelic, Mosaic type. Also floral patterns but, in contrast to the summer, in darker tones. The brothers Ailanto present them in vaporous textiles.

The silver cash triumphs in any line. Alma Aguilar elects it for entire garments as the silver-plated model completely sowed with big frills. And Carmen March proposes blouses gilded to game with pants. Monkeys pants also for the night with asymmetric necklines or in V.

More details for the holidays? The spangles illuminating completely the tops and the straight skirts for the night. Big successes of the adornments of tacks. Blouses with knots. Bootblacks or toreras in natural or artificial skin of long hair. Shoes with platform in skin or in lacquer. Merceditas of black lacquer. Velvet mini-purses. Long and macro-incidental gloves: bracelets type Cleopatra fitted in the forearm and necklaces bib. Booties with strass applications.
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