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The collection autumn - winter presented in Cibeles for this santanderino that left the legal profession for the fashion, continues in the cánones of its own style. Ángel Schlesser is a designer who looks more for the functionality that the impact and his models contribute a stamp of modernity and good taste to the basic and elementary pledges that every woman thinks about how to have in his closet.

His inspiration in the 60s there have been the culture medium of a collection that contributes styles and fundamental points that the winners of the next period foresee and that, more that to feed the impossible sleep only suitable for footbridges, they will fill the shop windows and the sidewalks of our cities  in the  autumn - winter 2006-07.

The indisputable protagonists of his collection are the overcoat and the garment both with a length to evenness of the knee. Schlesser has recreated in a series of garments of high size or of style shirtmaker between those who are not missing “petite steal to nongo”, the contrasts pop and geometric, and some animal printings. The short sleeves leave to the overdraft one of his favorite accessories for this year: the long gloves.

The overcoats, some style redingote, are crossed. For the day they are in tweed or warm wools and for the night they take refuge in the sheen of the sateen. As in some garments the form appears abullonada, one of the big bets of this designer for this period. The pants are mostly a safe cigaret some wide few ones and with tweezers.

The coloring of the collection does not disdain the contrasts as that of the black and the red one. The rest of the coloring happens from one end to other: of the target, crude oil, gray and black to the tones camel, gold, vermilion and malachite. Also the contrast appears in the shoes that the models showed. Nothing of stained averages. Or dizziness hyperheels in some lacquer shoes with a little of platform or one sang to the rest and to the serviceability in. manoletinas pages of soft materials. In short: the Schlesser collection  is a clear fluctuation between the classicism and the modernity.
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