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For: José F. Serra
Ángel Schlesser
Ángel Schlesser
Ángel Schlesser
Ángel Schlesser
Ángel Schlesser
The garments are the strong point of the collection of Ángel Schlesser. They are of a rich and elaborated construction with volumes supported for drapeados, creases, silhouettes egg, with necklines to the box and some discreet frills. The clothes that the diseañdor santanderino presents for the autumn - winter 2008-09 the women will like once again that they want to go well dressed and with a sure elegance without paying too much the attention. There are the clothes that does not serve only to admire but all would like having in our closet.
A modern femininity with an image that passes between the glamor and the practical sense there are the notes most accused in the trajectory of Schlesser. In addition to his garments - the pledge "covers with stars" of the collection, between that he emphasizes it “petite steal to nongo” always present - we find the simple sets of blouse and skirt in general pipe or corolla below the knee, in tuning with the last dictations of the fashion that corners the vulgarity of the mini-skirt. The blouses are simple with some architectural detail or in some case with light frills.

The overcoats, just as the skirts, stop his long just person below the knee and the bodies, which sometimes range between the shirt and the jacket, support in an elaborate and perfect cut all the force of his expression. The pants are like small strokes between the set of a collection that he has bet definitely for the skirt and when they appear there are indiscriminately a cigaret or wide.

The textiles adapt themselves with mastery to the proposed silhouettes. Some of them are dry and morbid others. The white sateen obtains a few models of an exquisite elegance. Some technological textiles join with other sure success veterans like the tweed, the cotton piqué, the cloth of wool, the organza, the level wash, the lamé and the otomanes.

The black, always present color in the Schlesser collections alternates with several scales of the green, from the emerald to the dry green. We find also the blue cobalt, the yellow gold and the raspberry.

As most of the designers of success, Ángel Schlesser has proved fortune in other fields. His collections of jewels, which rhyme with his fashionable proposals, have been very well received the same as his fragrances for man and woman. He has designed bottles for wines and the packing and tag of an ecological olive oil. 

The year 2008 has reserved the culmination of some projects: shops opening in Barcelona and Valladolid and the creation of a collection exclusive for the drink V&T of limited edition which benefits destine to the program “Much for live” of the Spanish Association Against the Cancer.

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