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Josefina Figueras
Carmen March
Enrique Loewe
Oscar de la Renta
" The fashion has begun to be part of the popular culture and it is recognized by his enormous social influence" Josefina Figueras says in the prologue of "Fashion and Values. The challenge of the new thing". This book recently published by University International Editions, demonstrates that the fashion enjoys good health, in spite of his ephemeral life and that it has a lot of more substance of the one that sometimes is recognized after him.
The proper philosophy of the life and of the knowledge of one himself impels the election of the way of dressing and of consuming. What we call a fashion is adapted, for whom it is not a fashion victim, to a few values beyond the appearances, being part of the life styles of the persons.

Part of this target is reflected in this work that is a fruit of the work of several years of the team of Writing of the fashionable digital magazine and culture Asmoda, led by his director Josefina Figueras.

The book, with two well differentiated parts, gathers the stellar moment through that the fashion told by his protagonists lives: designers and businessmen of the first line, as well as writers and journalists, who do a constructive criticism of the values of the fashion of the XXIst century.

The fashion is not only the clothes that one puts himself above. The fashion speaks also about how we are: of the interior and exterior beauty, of the imagination or innovation in the outfit, of the elegance of the set of a person, of the decency in the freightage, of how do we spend, how we eat or how we speak, of the behavior in our social or labor relations, of how we enjoy a work of art or the free time, of how we consider the world that surrounds us and how we respect it... “The fashion - as says the designer Carmen March - has a lot to do with the anthropology: how does one dress a person says to us much of her”.

All these, and many other, are the "values" of the fashion that are gathered in this book and that are analyzed by the heart in the hand. Winning persons in the world of the fashion like Elio Berhanyer, Enrique Loewe, Oscar de la Renta, Purification García, Juanjo Oliva, Adolfo Domínguez, Roberto Verino, Modesto Lomba or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, etc, tell us his ways of seeing the fashion. Because often, as the teacher Cruz Prados says, “one tends to see the fashion like something playful, mercantilist and esthetically, but fashion it is something much deeper: dressing has to do with the culture and with the humanization of”.

Twenty-five magnificent "Points of view" for the reflection compose the second part of the book, dedicated to diverse aspects of the fashion that not necessary have to do with the clothes, but with the culture and the prevailing ways in our society, and that invite to a reflection and to a smile. As the sociologist Lipovestky said in I International Congress of Fashion (CIM2008), “the fashion is imposed in each of the ambiences of the daily (...) life. We are present at a major depth in the esthetic desires of the public in general, and see it in the cultural tourism, in the taste for the interior design and the landscaping, for more refined forms of free time, etc. The fashion in the hypermodern age is the estetización of the consumption”.

“Fashion and values” it contributes a lively reflection, current and awkward, on the world of the fashion and the customs, in that the mass media, the publicity and the vertiginous career of the tendencies and of the fashion it influences increasingly - enslaving often - the young generations.

A good gift for this Christmas. It is possible to find in bookstores, in El Corte Ingles, and in 

University International editions
Madrid 2009
217 pages
PVP. 15 euros.

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