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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Several current jewels designers have given themselves appointment with the public in the capital of Spain. Lianne Katsuki, the President of the “Association author's Jewel” that summons them mostly, advocates a few pieces that have the only stamp and a prestige signature...
Between the Spanish jewels designers more excellent are, Chus Burés, Lover Brahojos, Laura Márquez, Charo Marín, Mercedes Reigada, Carmen Zulueta, Sonia Zea, Maria Castro, Javier Fernández, Emma Herrero, Elisenda Santacreu, Joaquim Reims, etc.

“The act of creating is what more brings the man over to the divine thing and the divine thing it is the perfection. Hence the need to look for a grade as high as possible of technical perfection”, says Katsuki. “The artist is a precursor of his tempo, of his historical and social moment”, he adds.

The jewel has always been an artistic declaration of the plastic creators. The princes it has always quoted his cameras of marvels, his art collections and his artistic jewelers as something that enriches the prestige coming from a creative hand.

The XXth century has promoted this reality of the jewel like art, after there devoted themselves to her, with author signature, artists as out-standing as Francisco Durrio, Julio González, Salvador Dalí, Eduardo Chillida, Anthony Caro, etc. The avant-gardists did not disdain the jewel as topic of creation in the art.

The modernism and the Art-deco have left surprising and valuable copies of jewels, where the artistic creativity in many cases is considered more quoted than other arts. The workshops, anonymous or with signature responsibility, they have left a notable production of these pieces.

The renowned critic of art, teacher Gaya Nuño, has an interesting essay in which he speaks about the jewel as artistic representation, although not always there has been respected his conservation as the painting or the sculpture. The reason is not different – he tells - that the valuable materials of that is done, what it has taken to many owners to undo it to invest them in a new composition, for it have lost numerous copies of the past. With all sound a lot of big museums that jewels of different historical periods preserve in his shop windows.
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