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For: Mercedes Álvarez
The daily footwear gives to sculptress Almudena Arment the pretext to look at the reality that surrounds us from the surrealistic perspective of a heel, of a mold or of an instep. His shoes - sculptures provoke a smile and a reflection. During the whole mesde December and until January 23, puedencontemplar in the Room Third Space of Madrid
Almudena Armenta, Vicedean of Quality, Innovation and Investigation of the faculty of Fine arts of the Complutense University of Madrid, exhibits in the gallery Third Space ( the exhibition “The mold of your shoe”. Centred on the footwear, Almudena Armenta captures the associations of ideas and the games of the imagination in a topic appellant for her from 1999, and that now it is possible to see assembled.

Worn indiscriminately feminine and masculine, although from his woman's condition, it succumbs to the temptation of considering the feeling of “going out to the street wearing shoes in such a way that the queen of the world feels and capably of conquering what puts itself him ahead”. And also: according to since you put on “you can feel countess, sportsman, Greek, seductive, ridiculous heroine...”

The touches dalinianos and surrealists of many of his pieces wind in the heel, the instep, the buckles, the soles and the leather turned into paintings and sculptures of acrylic dyes and polychrome cements.

Between the pieces we emphasize the Shoe - chandelier, with worrying arachnids in the instep; the Shoe - cat, with moustaches in the toecap; the Shoe - Fleming, with a big sole of frills and spots; the Shoe - postmark; the Shoe - cactus, with his thorns; the Shoe - hearth full of ventanitas and of apartments; the Shoe - skeleton, with the identical bones; or the Shoe - person, in which he has wanted to reflect the eyes of his nephews.

Shoes impossible to go, but that can be enjoyed them a plastic sense of equal way.

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