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For: José F. Serra
Alma Aguilar
Alma Aguilar
Alma Aguilar
Alma Aguilar
An ingenuous romanticism with chic touches presides at the collection of Alma Aguilar. It offers us a summer dominated by the diaphanous and calm elegance of the white color, the happiness of the patterns and the sheen of the spangles. A young collection in which the long and short garments, the monkeys and the fluid blouses are his authentic protagonists. The designer moves us once again to a serene and coloristic world with his way of seeing the very personal fashion.
The target, basic color of the collection, heap of marvel with the vaporous garments with handmade details and cataracts of frills in the rims. He is followed in importance by the colors cake "covered with dust" with the twinkle of some tone fluorine and the warm note of some print that mix more alive tones.

They put out in the collection the seaworthy strokes and the streaks acquire different tones. On the one hand we see them losing his geometric rigidity penetrating into the romantic stronghold of the frills and for other combined in different directions or like patches on the garments or pants. They emphasize also in the monkeys that they line up in the romantic vein with very fluid white blouses.

The textiles provide to the set the necessary agility. They dominate the organza of silk, the cotton voile the muslins and the crepe of China. The golden sheens remind the love to us years 80 of the fashion of this year and we find them in the handmade applications embroidered with golden threads and silk and in the giant spangles that they monopolize the forward of a garment or finish off low of a skirt.

The collection summer of Alma Aguilar is still faithful to the line of this designer who says to us “The fashion is my form of expression, the prism across which I see the things, and to what I dedicate my effort, my determination and especially, my time. The fashion it is quite for me. It is my way of relating me to the world and of observing it”

A young, fresh and romantic line without courts or fissures defines the Soul trajectory since in 1998, with only 23 years, it created its own signature and his small workshop in Madrid and informed the 25 for the first time in the Footbridge Cibeles. In these ten years it has consolidated his creations with a serious and demanding work. It is provided in his credit with 21 parades. Now there centers his biggest interest the plan of introduction and commercialization in the United States like principal part of his international expansion.

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