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Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
He feels a big fondness for Spain and especially for Madrid, where it gave his first steps in the world of the fashion. Oscar de la Renta has been nominated an honorary member of the “Creators' Association of the fashion of Spain”. In the homage lunch several Spanish designers were around him and we were also some journalists that we have been lucky to have supported with a cordial contact and of having gathered, in different moments, his ideas on the fashion and on his exciting trajectory.
Madrid has been the first point of his European landing. It has inaugurated in the quarter of Salamanca his the first boutique in Europe to those who will continue, before the year finishes, those of Athens and Moscow. The designer born in the Dominican Republic, has the head office of his company in the Seventh Avenue of New York and his collections distribute in points of sale multimark in Europe, America Asia and Middle East. Between his clients represent the “first checkers“ of the White House; Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. Recently the daughter of the current president Jenna Bush married an exclusive model of his. 

Oscar de la Renta has been pleased of being in Spain, of having returned to his origins and makes sure me that, from now on, his visits will be much more frequent.

- How did his career as designer start in our country? 

- I came to Madrid at the age of 18, to study painting in the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando. I liked the abstract topics, but I received also particular classes of the painter Vázquez Díaz. In Spain my love was born for the fashion and I published my first designs in the magazine “Big World”. I was lucky of that a model of mine was publishing the magazine "Life Magazine" in front. Balenciaga took me to his workshops and further on another Spanish couturier, Antonio del Castillo, hired me like designer of his house in Paris. It was in the year 65 when I settled in New York.

- What does he think about his first teachers Balenciaga and Castle: What trace did they leave in his fashion?

- Not only these couturiers, also my time in Spain marked me deeply. I was here in a very important epoch of my life: between the 18 and 23 years. In America one always emphasizes my Spanish influence, my Latin origin. I present often flounced dresses and many details inspired by the Spanish folklore.

- How would explain the influence of each of them?

- Balenciaga is the typical example of the fashion that marks an epoch, which presents a few unmistakable models. On the other hand Castle – less valued internationally – was creating a fashion that sobevivía to different periods, which it was always pleasing and which was placing around him to a series of unconditional clients.

- at present the Balenciaga evaluation is very strong. It seems that finally in Spain we have realized that we count with the number one of the world fashion …

- If, I believe that Balenciaga would not have existed if it had not been Spanish. He was the real architect of the fashion, which he was inventing constantly: a sleeve, a neckline. When I listen that they compare it with Christian Dior, it infuriated me because alone Dior invented “new look” that was an embellishment, did not design cigar. Only there has existed a designer as he that has influenced later many other designers.

- How would it define the style Oscar de la Renta?

- Mine is a romantic, very feminine fashion. I use often the impacts of the color. The line puts his emphasis on the shoulders and it is given to the body but I leave simultaneously a big movements freedom. I adore the clothes with embellishment and detail.

- It seems that the night suits are his fortress: Why this predilection?

- The night suit is always a combination of romanticism, luxury and mystery, a very appetizing challenge for a couturier and for the woman a way of highlighting his personality.

- Is the fashion an art with mayúscuscula or it is, as they say some, an art minor that lines up in certain way with the craft?

- The fashion is a creation and any creation is … major art. The fashion has an indisputable historical and cultural slope. The garments are something that reflects visually an epoch, there are something that remains, an irrefutable testimony that expresses the taste, the morality and the philosophy of the life, all the reasons of a historical moment.

- His fashion: to what type of woman does it go?

- My fashion includes many lines, many ideas. I learned of the big couturiers with whom I worked like confronting a collection, but soon I understood that the future of the fashion was not in the high fashion but in “pret to porter” and created my own mark. My fashion sells in a few most ancient stores of Japan and in the most avant-garde shops of London. I want to come to women of all the ages and of all the possibilities and tastes.

- What is the elegance for Vd.?

- Against the opinion about many, I believe that it is something with what he is not born, it develops along the life and has to do, especially, with the discipline with which it is lived and with the personal projection.

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