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For: Josefina Figueras
Charles Worth
Charles Worth
Cristóbal Balenciaga
Roberto Verino
Roberto Verino
What takes? It is the question that they rise invariably to the professionals of the information about the fashionable collections. A question difficult to answer since he has installed in the fashion the empire to himself of “everything costs”: how to say to the interested friend that the pale colors take if in the following collection that the means review it is said that what comes there are the tones vitamínicos or the colors Parcheesi: how to say to him that the long skirts take if later other designers present mini or skirts to evenness of the knee?

The initial "organization" of the fashion carried out it there already does more than one century the French couturier Charles Worth, which deserved to be the first representative of the “Century of gold of the fashion” that would end in 1968 with the Balenciaga retreat. Worth did not throw any line rompedora, although it smoothed lightly the feminine wardrobe, but his principal merit is that it discovered the way of presenting the fashion on living manikins and also he organized these collections in two "key" periods spring - summer and autumn - winter.

During several decades the things worked well. There was a stylistic unit, what was allowing a uniform information and the professionals could answer without staggering in concrete dates the fatidical question: what takes? But in the latter years the things have changed. The designers present very personalized and different tendencies and also there has got in the fashion the whirlpool and the hurries of our epoch. To the habitual periods of spring - summer, autumn - winter, other concepts are joining: the collections “cruise“, the pre-spring, the advances autumn etc. Whole, that the fashion not of to manage new products, new periods, new lines

Some of them think even that this rapid and changeable rhythm can finish with the concept “fashion“ or at least take us to the conclusion that what exists there are “fashions“. Does anything have this that to see with the confusion of ideas that is appreciated in some sectors of the current society? Because the fashion always gathers the absurdities of every epoch. In the footbridges tendencies opposed with the most absolute normality coexist. And one wonders if this absence of identity, this acceptance of a way of dressing moneychanger, who tries to transmit hundreds of messages in a record time, it does not affect also to this coherence absence that is appreciated sometimes between what one is and in as one dresses.

Now the fashion victim has changed sign. She is already not the person who was still implacable and blindly the tendencies of the fashion without thinking if they were agreeing with his personality and his figure. Now the fashion victim identifies more with the convulsive buyer, which wants to take part of all the tendencies and buy of all the marks, as we have seen it recently in the movie led by Ilsa Fisher “Newspaper of a compulsive buyer”

To this ceremony of the confusion through that the fashion lives it is possible to face only successfully with a firm personal position. To make use of the advantages of this "optional" fashion to learn to choose with head and sanity what goes with our physical figure and with our philosophy of the life. It is necessary to turn in the proper stylist Ahora the fashion is more that a card of personal presentation and we cannot ever fall down in the confusion and the arbitrariness.

The designer Roberto Verino was saying to me in an interview “A woman must dress in accordance with what is and thinks but the fashion turns into a disguise”. Sometimes there meet too many women "disguised" with a way of dressing that it reduces more that it dignifies his real personality: how is it possible to discover an honest mother of family or a decent and sensible girl inside a garment with a few inopportune transparences or with a neckline of dizziness that places them mentally before the others in a few categories well different from his state and condition?. Here it comes like ring to the this objective finger that our outstanding figures were already considering. In his work “Prayer” Platón was doing to the gods to say to Fedro “Grant me the interior beauty and do that my exterior unites friendship with her”. The recipe serves also for our convulsed century XXl.

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