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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Logotype Simm Jul 2008/Feb 2009
Logotype Simm Jul 2009/Feb 2010
France, wild Indian of the international fashion, is the country invited in the next edition of the International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid, which will be celebrated from February 12 until February 14 in Fair of Madrid. Thus the creations of the taking part Gallic signatures will have a special leading role in this one 61 SIMM edition, both across an area dedicated to the invited country, and of activities and presence in the advertizing supports.
This initiative, starting in SIMM in the call of February 08 with Portugal, takes as fundamental targets to promote internationally the industry of the dressmaking of the country chosen in every edition, as well as of the companies and designers who integrate it, helping, at the same time, to reinforce to the lounge like one of the fashionable fairs of major importance in Europe.

In this edition, in which SIMM will present the collections for the next autumn - winter, there is foreseen the participation of about 400 marks proceeding from 20 countries, which will show variety of proposals according to the big tendencies of the new period. There join this year signatures like Kina Fernández, Balizza and Carmela Rosso who, after some periods without meeting to the contest, have decided to return to SIMM.

SIMM will coincide with Iberpiel, International Lounge of Furrier's and leather Dressmaking. Also, there will be a special sector dedicated to Accessories, with complements of all kinds and costume jewelry, in the same area as the Prompt Fashion, which will group proposals for the immediate period of spring - summer 09.

Tendencies shop window

25.000 square meters form the fashionable monographic space of the SIMM, where in the same enclosure there will meet the different styles that in six months will be in the shops it multimarks of the whole world. This finished shop window of tendencies of the commercial fashion, organized by IFEMA, it is thought the second most excellent of Europe, after the sample of Dusseldorf.

The fashionable offer, since it is habitual, will show itself arranged concerning the sectors Gala, Pearls, Man, Eternal, Soul, Iberpiel-Peletería, Accessories, and different services, which will receive the different collections for Man and Woman, from avant-garde designs, up to creations of holiday, complements, urban, intimate, chance fashion and furrier's. It is believed that there will come to the SIMM nearly 20.000 national and foreign professional visitors.

Didier Parakian, President of the French Federation of Prêt to Porter Femenino and exhibitor of SIMM for many years, has valued very positively the election of France as country invited to the SIMM:

”For us, French companies exhibitors in SIMM, it is a big honor to have been selected like Country Invited to a lounge that constitutes a priority value for France, since Spain is, undoubtedly, one of our principal markets. Spain is for the French fashion a big partner, solid and of big economic value”.

”We reckon to exhibit the French fashion – he keeps on saying - in an institutional space of 100 m2. In this space the design will look after very much, we will offer champagne and will enjoy French music (from big operas up to the famous French "chansons"). Screens of plasma and connections to Internet will be able to facilitate the access of the visitors to our new fashionable "sites"... and “The Mode Lives through the card” it will make a direct connection possible with the world of the fashion in France. Also, we will have diverse gifts for the visitors and the SIMM personnel will be dressed in our French collection”.

Contest of design of the cartel of the SIMM 

On the other hand, there has been trumped the award of I Contest of Design of the new Promotional Image of SIMM, whose winner has been Maria Virginia Montiel Cure, 26-year-old Venezuelan who resides in Madrid for year and a half. The design inspired by the creative stage of the modernism, will be the advertizing SIMM cartel for the editions of July, 2009 and February, 2010.

The jury integrated by the direction of the fair SIMM and other representatives of IFEMA has selected this cartel between a whole of 20 proposals. According to his creator, Maria Virginia Montiel, there was inspired in the style of artist Alphonse Mucha and in his cartels New art of the years 20-30. “The illustration emphasizes the image of the woman for being the protagonist of the gathered offer two times a year for the lounge SIMM”, tells Montiel. And he adds “Along with a feminine and elegant figure I have incorporated diverse textures in movement that symbolize the different sectors of the fair, as well as other elements that allow to separate the period Spring - summer from that of Autumn - winter”. Maria Virginia Montiel will receive an award for 5.000 euros.
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