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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
With the collaboration of the Museum Internazionale della Calzatura “Pietro Bertolini“ of Vigevano of Italy, the Department of Culture has mounted in the Museum of the Suit a sample on the seductive stiletto, the stiletto, the top shoe, which has been 50 years of history. Born in 1940, when Christian Dior presented his famous collection New Look, the stiletto became famous between the women and his social echo, at the time that it was affecting to the spine of the checkers that were showing it. A luxury that ends up by spending invoice.
The exhibition shows the most glamorous or historical copies of the numerous copies that the said Italian museum counts in his funds museográficos and inventoried documentaries. Salvatore Ferragamo thought that the postwar period times were most adapted to revolutionize the image of the Italian footwear and in the middle of the 50s it devoted itself the stiletto as prototype of seduction in the middle of the Italian economic miracle. The stiletto has been a key milestone in the history of the fashion.

Pieces of Ferrragamo, of the Prada, Christian Louboutin; Jimmy Choo or the Spanish Manolo Blahnik shine in the exhibition like exponents of the best creation of stilettoes. The desparecida princess Diana Welsh was saying that to buy a few "manolos" was relieving the melancholy. It is not easy to take them and to show them prettily or elegance; they need a precise combination with the garment or suit, averages and height of the one who shows it. They not all can take with the same ease this type of heels, used often to gain height, like Mrs Leticia, with a two meters spouse, the Prince of Asturias, what forces her to add platform and stiletto (unlike Carla Bruni who has to do without high heels, for having a husband more under than she)

At present it is especially the night sandal or of holiday the one that signs up to the big stiletto. “I do not know who will have invented the stilettoes, but we, the women we owe him very much”, affirmed the famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

Between the most singular exposed copies a few sandals Dal C are ò of 1958, some copies of Aldo Sacchetti of 1965; others, of Waltea, also of the 60; a few beautiful black shoes of Aldrovandi of 1968: several Erco with borders and drawstrings; a spectacular flowery booty of Andrea Pfister of 1990; a heel shoe with brooch of bracelet of Christian Dior of 2003; an incredible pair of shoes with lace adorned of Cesare Paciotti, of 2006; impressive Roger Vivier or round Louis Vuitton of 2007.

“Me it remove everything except my manolos” Sarah Jessica Parker declared in the movie Sex and the City. The stiletto has been a fetishism object and the film director, Luis Berlanga, was confessing his weakness for this footwear, which in some moments more natives or “preservatives“ threatened to disappear, but which has recovered all his strength in these crisis times.

Museum of the Suit (from May 7 until August 30)
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