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For: Josefina Figueras
In the above mentioned weeks we have been present at a fuss mediático with advertizing campaigns like fund music... The polemic had like protagonists to some originals of publicity that, according to authorized opinions, penetrate the limit of the ethical thing and of the good taste. The problem is not new.
In the previous years critical many had already provoked the aggressive campaigns of the signature Benetton that, with excuses of “social type” alleging that someone were directed to topics as humanitarian as the AIDS or the racial conflicts, were allowing themselves the publication of announcements that were hurting the beliefs or the sensibility of many persons. 

The icy point of the polemic has been led by the announcements of Dolce and Gabbana considered abettors of the violence towards the woman and retired persons firstly in Spain and later on a global scale. Also an announcement of Armani Junior has been criticized from some ambiences, as for example, the defender of the minor in Madrid. The whole "answer" and rejection that some announcements have provoked sound a proof that there is a healthy social reaction to the advertizing abuses and to the use of the violence or the sex of indiscriminate and coarse form with the only and exclusive target: to "sell". Recently Modesto Lomba, President of the Creators' Association of the fashion of Spain, was saying in one of the paragraphs of an article published in ABC:“ I have always been against of the deceitful publicity, of bad taste or scandalously and, of course, against any publicity that, being even protected by the truth and the good taste, was using for his commercial intentions a direct or indirect reference to the sex like foreign claim with the object of the announcement”.

For that they believe that the announcements of the Italian signature have had only a protest become insolent in Spain, there turns out to be very significant the reaction of the readership of the prestigious magazine W to a dossier with photos of Dolce and Gabbana published in February. The magazine has had at least the honesty of there published in his March edition a series of letters of his readers with a frontal opposition to the content of the dossier. In them someone wonder as it was possible that a magazine of so many quality, which was coming across of the young people, so much garbage was publishing, and a reader was saying even that it had been well careful in throwing the magazine before this “cheap pornography” was coming across of his 15-year-old daughter...

The reactions to the inconvenient commercials related preferably to the fashion proliferate everywhere. A report published on February 19 of this year by the American Psychological Association immediately after an examination on the campaigns of promotion and announcements of fashionable products directed to the girls, it is alert on an unhealthy sexualización. “We have an extensive series of evidences to conclude that the sexualización has negative effects in different fields, which influence the cognitive functioning, the physical and mental health and the healthy sexual development” there affirms doctor Eileen Zurbriggen, director of the team of work and teacher of psychology in the University of California, Santa Cruz, in a press release that he accompanies the report.

The experts' declarations, the letters of the readership giving his opinion opposite to these abuses, are an effective and positive declaration that it can help very much to obtain a cleaner ambience and a less destructive publicity. Also another very simple form exists and within reach of all. It is the same who advises herself against the programs television garbage: "change channel and do without this program” that led to the announcements on fashion, is translated in: "I changed mark and do without this product”.
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