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Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez
Adolfo Domínguez
Between the innovations of the Cibeles of this period the return is to the Footbridge of Adolfo Dominguez after 10 years of absence. The Galician designer returns so to the platform where it found his successes in the 80s and 90s. His magic phrase “the wrinkle is beautiful” it is one of those that a major popularity has reached in the Spanish fashion. The whole generacoón was raised to the car of this slogan that universal being has obtained. The Footbridge, in his 50 edition, recovers this way a designer who was capable of modifying the esthetics of dressing creating a fashion desestructurada and at large that looks first of all for a beauty ideal.
His infancy is full of images of field, of nature. His grandmother was cultivating the linen and Adolfo saw her weaving, spinning. All his life has been full of linen, a textile to the one that achieved the miracle of implanting it like esthetics... He is a simple, shy man, who values the spiritual thing and the immaterial of the life. He likes to read, the music, the art, quite what refers to the knowledge... He enjoys hearing repeatedly “The Passion according to San-Mateo" of Bach and “The magic flute“ of Mozart. He loves the pictures of Velázquez, Rembrandt, Dalí … Lives in Gallicia but he travels all over the world; it has hundred of shops interspersed by the universal geography, makes furniture, perfumery, ONLY is his mark of cosmetics that - as affirms Domínguez - claims with only one gesture a: "the simplicity, which can receive the complex of the beauty”.

- In addition to that seductive motto of “the wrinkle is beautiful:” What another motive has it impelled to the people to dress his fashion?
I believe that the miscellany of functionality and simplicity with an important poetical breath. Behind the simplicity there can be boredom, but if there is poetical breath there is magic in the clothes that we do and in the things that we design.

- His style travels about the world, it is accepted and wanted by a very mixed public. To what does this phenomenon owe?
I think that when one does things, it has to tune in to the people in the same wave length because today a brutal offer exists, and this is a conscious or unconscious process, but it is a miscellany of both things, because the style of a mark is achieved so much offering as observing what your clientele wants. The clients are choosing constantly, rejecting things and accepting others. In fact the style that characterizes us is created not only by me, but also by the people, using them, choosing, buying a few things yes and others not. 

- Are you a sensor and interpreter of urban tendencies?
Of course, I am both things. The fact is that you have to be like that because today most of the people live in cities. 

- His signature, his style is like a magnet that there assembles around him the fascinating world of the cosmetics, the complements, the furniture... With which of them it works more to taste?
With all: the furniture, the chinas, the objects... the truth is that I love. In the end, it is the same to do a jacket that a chair... good is not the same, but any object in a space is quite similar. It would be different to make music, this is another history, although in the end the objects that surround us are objects in the space and you have a similar skill to do them. 

- And the fragrances?
The fragrance is a thing so technical who obviously who does it is Ramón Monegal who is a brilliant perfumista. This "nostril" is individuals capable of distinguishing three or four thousand smells. It is an office much tecnificado. Ramón and I are very friendly long ago and he knows our mark, sometimes, better than I., he interprets and....: what do I transmit?, something that it already has, this taste for the simplicity, the natural thing and, consequently it uses natural things for ours fragrances: flowers, wood, mosses, resins.... he does not look so much for the synthetic thing but the natural elements, and works with them, the same as a musician works with sounds.
- What search in everything what it produces?
The simplicity and the functionality. 

- Does it fill with pride him to have been the precursor of the magnificent quarry of Galician designers?
At this point of the life nothing fills with pride me. In fact in the life it is necessary to do things, but.... the pride is a sensation that you have at the age of twenty, to the fifty five that I have, the pride does not exist. 

- You are an artist who loves the movies, the painting, the music, the nature.... is a man who is seduced by the beautiful thing. Where does the happiness find?
The beauty seduces us, all the human beings, not only to the artists, although they possibly are more sensitive than others. The happiness takes root in without having ambitions excess. The absolute happiness does not exist, but these happiness beams are obtained after the forties, earlier not, simply because you compromise with the life and to agree on that one with the life it makes you value the small things. Not so much the big targets. 

- The shops macro-space: will there be the shops of future of Adolfo Domínguez?
Yes, we will support the small shops because to find big spaces in the center of the cities is not easy. But in every city we will always find a space to mount a thousand, thousand two hundred meters shop. These big spaces answer to the last thing that is done in America and the publics receive designs for everything: children, boy to, woman, man, complements, etc. Now our principal target is to keep on intensifying the exportation. We reckon in the next two or three years to open between 200 and 300 shops in the exterior in exemption form. 

- Is Vd. considered to be more businessman than designer?
I am both things. Writing is an individual act, to do also, but the world of the fashion is an industrial activity. If you are not a businessman you do not have anything that to do unless you look for your someone with head … I I have half and half divided. The managerial skills are not given me badly at all and the same time my office is that of designer, I direct the company from the design department. 

- And after professional challenges have obtained so many people, what excites him in the life?
Since what excites everybody: your children, the dog, the family, the current things of the life. And also, since I am a businessman to deal of that the company goes and goes forward.

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