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For: Gabriela Fockt
Michael Kors
In the international footbridges of Paris, New York, Milan and London the victory of the swimsuit is accused this year. A nostalgic look to the pin-up of the 50s, major pawned in the creativity levels, they have given the opportunity to the designers to play with the cut and the structures and to adapt to the swim suits many main lines of the current fashion, possibilities that the minimalistas and plain designs do not offer of of the bikinis or the more and more exhausted possibilities of seduction of the trikinis.
Asymmetric necklines, exotic patterns, fluorescent colors, necklines halter and the elasticity of the lycra, the polyamide and the elastina, they emphasize in the swimsuits for the summer 2008 that they sign up also to the adornments of closings, rings and to the sheen of the stones of colors. On these general lines the big signatures of the fashion have marked his stamp in the fashion I bathe.

Chanel inclines for the classicism of the smooth tones the same as Gucci with swimsuits of wide suspenders and asymmetric necklines. Agnes B. presents the whole futurist magic of the silver tones that this year devastates in the fashion, Cavalli offers a bacchanal of pictorial patterns in purple tones and roses. The asymmetries and the thin suspenders leaving a shoulder to the overdraft are some of the domineering notes of the exquisite swimsuits presented by Hermes with all the elegance of the soft tones.

The floral patterns of small size are in charge in some models of Michael Kors with bundles in the nape and necklines halter, on the other hand Leonard chooses for the big patterns in green and blue tones and for the employment of the cuts of effect corselete that stylize the figure. Caroline Charles illuminates his black swimsuits with beads and chooses like showy complements necklaces and earrings. The whole Galiano glamor is evident in a swimsuit stamped with shiny effect.

But the designers are not alone, also the marks specializing in sports, bath and functional pledges present swimsuits between which we can find our ideal model. As suggestions there are of Majestic that they combine a trio to the last one as it is the white person, the black and the yellow one or illuminates other models with drawings and spangles. In the El Corte Ingles there can meet very modern changes of the seaworthy style swimsuits to streaks of wide different and with some appropriate adornment: one anchors or a star. For those who should prefer the exotic patterns we suggest the forest model of Network Point with giraffes and ducks or the model of La Perla with pattern of tropical flowers and a bond marking the style Empire. Triumph inclines for the asymmetries and for only one brace.

The fashion bath goes much further of the swimsuit. The caftans and pareos adopt the vivacity of the tones fluors or the exoticism of the patterns and the line of the swimsuit complements itself with partial acquittance belts and type puts, maxibolsos golden and silver, some bassinet and the highest sandals of wedges. The last thing that stays is already to give him the long-awaited dive: Happy holidays!
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