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For: José F. Serra
The look is fundamental for the today man. There has been imposed a new conception of the masculine elegance, on the one hand with classic tones for other with an informal and chic relaxation at the same time. The tendencies for the spring - summer 2007 are based on a more attentive style to the details, to the colors, to the textiles and to the forms.
The suit continues fearlessly in the masculine guardaropa. That of this spring is with gray preference in all his tones. The jackets are shy. There are imposed those of line cut low with one or two buttons. If it has two it is done up only of above. Straight pants, leaving for the sports ones a major largeness. The Americans triumph without lining but with tailoring court and the blazers desestructurados that Ferragamo presents.

The textiles are light, soft and impermeable. Brilliant alpacas, cotton poplin for full summer. Many natural but unusual fibres: cold wools mixed with silk, cotton - silk, cashmere - cotton with a luxurious burnished aspect, cotton - bamboo with a rustic aspect. And big victory of the technological textiles protecting the electronic instruments in pockets and portfolios or with a panel on the sleeve. Some special treatments turn to the textiles in refractory to the spots.

The vest gains points again, they say than for influence of Tom Cruise who has added it to all his suits. Always of the same textile as the jacket or pants. It can be used also for the sports sets, with pants of velveteen or of denim cut or without American and with a handkerchief in the neck as complement of an informal fashion design.

The white shirt is imposed for this spring sometimes there are very visible creases in the sleeves. More modern, without neck, it achieves a more juvenile elegance. Also those of small neck that are to go without tie. The most informal shirts admit pink tones, mustard or clear colors. Armani advises if the textile is showy the form to be simpler and vice versa. For the most informal hours they continue the pictures of neutral tones and someone – less - with streaks nautical style. For the travelers and the entertaining tourists the shirts stay style Capri with coloristic patterns.

The tie remains joined to the shirts of classic cut. They take of normal size or very narrow. There are imposed those of the same color as the shirt, smooth or with diagonal streaks.

For the free time there is a recovery of the sports wardrobe that goes beyond the hours of sport. The Bermuda shorts substitute the long pants and the jeans. They take with informal shirts or with poles of point. In the footbridges of Milan they suggest that they can take even with American and tie a quite risky advice and of a very doubtful elegance that more costs not to continue awkward situations to be avoided.

The white tuxedo can be used also with brocaded textiles, a showier but refined form.
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