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For: Patricia Sañes
I like the fashion. I love. And do you know why? Because the fashion sells sleep. The secret of the fashion is the ideal that Valentino communicates with a princess's story garment made in, or a baby doll de Chloé. When your eyes stop before a work of Balenciaga, there are neither the frills of white tulle nor the black sateen bond what they see. This is the moment in which the fashion puts in game his seduction talent.
Your imagination goes off in search of the illusion that there create stylists, designers, photographers and artists. But the interpretation of this photo is personal and non-transferable. The sleep is yours, and of nobody more.

Many people think that the fashion sells lies, coarse unreal microcosms. But I remain with this possibility of progress that the imaginary fashion offers you. Across him, you can know infinity of identities and reinterpretations of a world that earlier you did not know. A trench Burberry is not an only one overcoat; it is an elegance, prestige, quality and distinction. The fashion is capricious but also very wise. An organza loose blouse can obtain miracles. And the fact is that the magic of the fashion averts a powerful influence on your own conception.

There are fashionable critics who rush forward at the factory of the sleep. They denounce the nihilism to which the designers submit us. But they forget that the consumer is the key piece of the imaginary one of the fashion. Only you decide the final aftereffect that has the work of the creators of illusions. If you know what offers you the fashion, you will know that the best proposal of the period is always the success of contemplating you with acceptance and pride before the mirror.

Of the hippie of the 70, to the global village of the new millenium. Today the fashion proposes innovative identities without forgetting tendencies spent for the little black dress of the 90. The fashion is constructed on a traditional legacy that confronts the present with the most eclectic trends. This 2007 the Bible of the fashion, as Dolce and Gabbana baptized Vogue, it is 115 years of legend. In his number of this month, the magazine recovers the sense of every tendency from beginning of the 90 until today. An excellent reportage that goes deep into the intrinsic motivations of the world of the fashion.

The social, historical and political circumstances are translated in the eclectic tendencies of the new millenium. Today they triumph in the different proposed footbridges for a global society. The fashion keeps on being a mirror of the social soul, way of expression of the individual and his community. But the success of his formula is the seduction that plays every work of art.
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