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Movies: "27 garments” does not fulfill the expectations
For: Mercedes Álvarez
27 garments ©20th Century Fox
27 garments ©20th Century Fox
27 garments ©20th Century Fox
27 garments ©20th Century Fox
The whole world has given for fact that a history similar to the excellent one is “27 garments” “The devil dresses of Prada”, but the true thing is that it does not look alike to him in anything. Only they have in common his scriptwriter, Aline Brosh McKenna, who in this second movie does a less elaborated enough work. He has reminded me to me much more to the delightful comedy “The wedding of my best friend”, led by Julia Roberts y Cameron Díaz in 1997, but to which it does not come not at a height of the shoe. Of her it copies enough details, like the affectionate triangle, the situation of the one who must be a bridesmaid in a wedding in which his lover marries other one or the memorable scene of the song unexpected and chorused by the whole place.
“27 garments” it counts Jane's improbable history (Katherine Heigl), eternal bridesmaid in the weddings of his friends, but never she the fiancée, although he keeps on dreaming of the man of his life. Not only it expires to the perfection with the role so preponderant that it happens to this figure in the American weddings, but he deals for friendship with organizing the details of the ceremonies and holidays that surround the event. His lack of interest and delivery is captivating and a test of it there are 27 bridesmaid's garments that he keeps as memory accumulated in a closet.

The plot begins when Jane attracts attention on Kevin (James Marsden), an attractive reporter of social chronicle, who decides to write on she and his singular history. But everything is complicated when Jane finds out that his sister Tess (Malin Akerman) is going to marry the man whom she loves secretly: his chief, George (Edward Burns), and she begins to consider to stop being “a saint” and learn to say that not.

During the whole length there remain in the background these 27 garments, horrifying but resplendent ones at the same time, which take leading role in the best scene of the movie, when she proves all of them and to that it is putting name: garment “what the wind took”, a pledge with crinoline color salmon, bonnet and sunshade; the garment “Bahama Mama“, a vaporous design in pink and yellow tulle; the garment “denim Wedding”, indescribable outfit with the colors of the North American flag with skirt of level blue and denim hat; the "Submarine" garment, with pink and footsore fins of diving like complements; the dressed "Vomiting", for his indefinable color; the Japanese's garment, of Gothic or the beautiful Hindu sari.

To the comedy the volley, with his touch of color and originality, these garments, because otherwise it is quite insipid, at times tedious and up to boor. Pero Heigl manages to illuminate with his smile the scenes and there are moments in which it is wonderful with the most elegant black garment that puts itself for the engagement holiday of his sister. It is of emphasizing the abyss between the histrionics of the garments of bridesmaid and the models that the protagonist dresses along the movie when it is not “of wedding”: refined sets and of sober tones with discreet complements. 

As a whole it is a romantic comedy that disappoints and does not fulfill the expectations that it has caused for his promotion, but it is possible to spend a good moment. That's why, it has been an entire success of box office in the United States.

Title role
Genre: Romantic comedy.
Producer: 20th Century Fox.
Direction: Anne Fletcher.
Script: Aline Brosh McKenna.
Interpreters: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman, Edward Burns.
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