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For: Josefina Figueras
Paschal M.Ángel / Gilles Lipovetsky / J. Figueras
Expert in Fashion (Bilbao)
Participant CIM - Yuna Park (Korea)
Participant CIM - Carmen (Honduras)
Participants CIM (Serbia)
Participants and stewardesses CIM
There has lived through Madrid the first International Congress of Fashion organized by the association “Fashion, University and Company” - publisher of "asmoda" - together with the School of fashionable Design of the Polytechnical University. In the section “Culture“ you will be explained in detail all the acts of the Congress, but there are two important conclusions to be emphasized of these days of reflection and debate: 1st Spain is at a height of the big countries in which the fashion is a modality cultural and 2nd the Congress has extracted all the enormous cultural, ethical and social references that the fashion has.
At this point we all are conscious of that the fashion does not move only in frivolous and peripheral parameters but his implications include a series of declarations firmly deeply rooted in the social textile. And these implications are that the Congress has done presents in his conferences and debates... There was tackled the first day the “Sociocultural dimension of the fashion” with a serious analysis of his influence in an encompassed world, with the galloping diversification that multiplies his centers of reference and pours out the consumer to the mix of products and of esthetic values. But it is clear that the social environment influences the individual position. The fashion has been individualized and the personality of that the ride, with all his psychological and environmental conditionings, is the one that has the last word.

The fashion, with his enormous capacity of absorption of ideas and messages, has received the message of solidarity that our epoch has discovered like one of his firmest values, and expresses it with a social responsibility sense. “Production, market and ethics of the fashion“ were the topic of the second day of the Congress and this ethical dimension has been evident with novel projects that they speak about respect to the human rights, safety in the work, health, remunerations and worthy wages. One spoke also about the enormous function humanizadora of the fashion with his respect for the human dignity, proclaiming a “knowledge to be” that turns it into culture.

As the Congress has taken place in Spain it is logical that the Spanish fashion was treated by a special deference and some of his characteristics were announced to the conferees come from different points. It was a question of his creative process, of his last achievements across the action of the “Creators' Association of the fashion of Spain”, more and more opened on the outside, and also an exceptional period of our fashion was remembered with a marvelous High fashion considered across an interesting conference on the couturier Elio Berhanyer, clear modality of this epoch.

Last day of the Congress devoted itself to the achievements of the technology and the innovation, keys so that the consumer could choose with esthetic capacity and according to his personal cánones, but also with the rapidity and functionality that demands our epoch that he thinks about how to produce with more and more intelligent and effective systems.

Apart from his interesting and varied conclusions the Congress was provided with a completely dedicated public, capable of comprising the deep roots and implications of the fashion. They came from many countries. Also we are provided with many Spanish conferees. Between all of them we had the satisfaction of meeting several readership and subscribers of to that we had had occasion to report in his moment of the celebration of the Congress. Many of the conferees have subscribed to our magazine and it makes us happy to know that across her we will be able to continue in contact, informing them about the fashion with the points of view that we have put in foot in these three days of the Congress, fruitful, and also affectionate: Even always! 

For Josefina Figueras
Of the Executive board of the CIM. Director of

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