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For: José F. Serra
Amaya Arzuaga
Ángel Schlesser
Elio Berhanyer
Kina Fernández
Miguel Palacio
Kate Moss - Topshop
What takes? What proposes the fashion to us for the period autumn - winter? He takes note of the last innovations, of those strong points that appear in the proposals of the best designers. There is imposed a change of look as the rules and surprises that the new station offers to us. The tendencies do winks a 40s and a showy coloring alternates with the incombustible elegance of the entire black.
THE TAILOR is a domineering element. Tailors with straight skirt in the only textile or with the skirt and the jacket in different textile or in different color.

THE BLAZER is one of the protagonists of the fashion. It appears in most of the collections with his tone ponible and functionally. Some jackets take a few discreet shoulder pads. The overcoats continue the rhythm of the lengths of this year: to evenness of the knee.

SATEEN AND WOOL are two key textiles. The wool keeps on being the big winter protagonist and the sateen, not only it is used for the night suits but his unmistakable sheen appears at other hours of the day. The influence of the glamor of the 40s has given him a major intensification.

CONTRASTS OF COLORING. Along with the sober elegance of the black, present in all the footbridges, and to a wide scale of gray the color illuminates the winter again. The most valued tones are the yellow one, orange, rose and the blue. The target appears but mixed with the black. It continues the victory of the white shirt along with a skirt or black pants or to give a tone more distended to the feminine tuxedo, this big invention of Saint laurent who has returned strongly to the footbridges.

ABSOLUTE VICTORY OF THE LEATHER presents especially in black and in another key pledge: the huntress with air rocker or with neck Spencer. A wink a 80s.

WIDE PANTS The pants continue in regression along with the crushing presence of the skirt but they already do not dominate completely the cigaret - and much less the leggins - but we find those of masculine cut wide and with tweezers.

UNUSUAL MISCELLANIES not only of textiles but of inspirations in the most diverse cultures. The encompassed world marks his laws of the game. The ethnic patterns alternate so with the air geometric ones sesentero and the abstract ones.

GARMENTS. They continue like one of the products “star“ of the designers. Of the fluency of the style baby-doll type has spent to itself to the wide belts metallized corset, some. There are also recta style years 60 with a length rubbing the knee and with dense averages.

SKINS OF LONG HAIR adorn the overcoats, but this year they do not monopolize only small details of the pledges but one gives them a major surface that revalues his presence. We them see in the shape of jackets, toreras, vests without sleeves etc.

GOLD AND SILVER to give a futurist accent to the models. For the night they triumph over the abstinence of the black but also we see them in belts, apply etc. The gold reaches the entire look in some garments and jackets.

AND FASHION DOES NOT FORGET OTHER DETAILS MUCH. Long gloves, shoes of living colors with platform, booties and jackboots even over the knee, mastery of the thick point, adornments of pens, dense averages …
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