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For: José F. Serra
Carmen March
Francis Montesinos
Saint Laurent said it neither more nor less than: only the cowboy regretted without having invented. It transmits simplicity, modesty and seduction. The most famous pants of the world keep on marking tendencies. Of the hand of the denim your charisma has turned into one of the big stars of the fashion it has infected to other pledges - skirts jackets, shirts, monkeys, vests - and his versatility and practical sense have turned the “look cowboy” in one of the favorites. Even the big couturiers have yielded to his delight.
The history of the jeans starts in California in 1853 between the gold diggers of the hand of a merchant of Bavarian origin, Levi Strauss, who had the idea of using for the pants the same cloth that it was using to make tents and that further on put in circulation the called “lot 501”. But it was from the 60s when the jeans, with his proletarian stamp and young man, turned into the emblem of the youth and the rebelliousness. Until the fashion took them for his account and did them participants of his drafts and of his caprices.

In the 70s the cowboy turns superstrait and takes given to the skin. His silhouette explodes in the masks of the discs "cult" of the epoch led preferably by Rolling Stones. In 1977 there appear the first jeans signed by a stylist: they belong to Calvin Klein. From here on they turn changeable like the fashion that every period proposes them different: from very narrow to style elephant paw. In the 80s the signatures specialize in the artificial faded ones with the skill of the prewash and the wash to stone.

The jeans turn out to be influenced by all kinds of tendencies: for the style “hippie“, for the "vintage" and especially for the movement "grunge" that demands a few jeans severely faded with tears and shallows evasé combined with woodcutter's shirts in flannel to pictures. At the end of the 90 the jeans know a new abundance. Tom Ford presents them curdled with courts, embroideries and pens of knee for below, Dolce and Gabanna completely curdled with glazing Swarosky, while Hermes them lines with the most expensive silk stampede of the cravats of the house …

For the spring - summer 2009 the denim look has marked his own characteristics. Being still with his trajectory of the spectacular jeans Tom Ford Japanese presents them made in Italy with denim with reinforced seams, borders of silk and golden buttons. The fever of the 80 returns to the current jeans the style grunge of straight leg and with abundant breaks. Some big Houses as Balmain receive them enthusiastically and big signatures of denim Americans as Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson they begin to do his August.

Pepe Jeans presents in a worn-out denim so much cigarets as flared and in the Denim Collection of Handle they are of all kinds: cigaret, wide, with bell, worn out with lye. But the “look cowboy” comes to many other pledges even to someone that had fallen into oblivion. The resurrection of the "grunge" and the spirit ochentero sports they have put in the first plane the vests-tejanos presented by Alexander Wang and the fashion has filled with denim garments, bibs, pretty blazers and vests. In the Spanish fashion we have seen his stamp in some models of Carmen March and Francis Montesinos.

The designer Stella Mc Cartney proposes pants of denim combined with a child top and sandals with heel needle.
The jeans Capri – smooth or with return in the shallows - combine very well with white lace blouses without sleeves with a belt ethnic type.
For the night the dark jeans are imposed with a chaquetita of velvet or sateen.
The white jeans allow the seaworthy look with a t-shirt streaks and a jacket of blue cloth.
Do not fall down in the pitfall of a waist exaggeratedly low of these that in the first inflection leave to the overdraft the rut of the buttocks or the holsters. There turn out to be a look of the most coarse thing.
If you are a supporter to everything what supposes slimming and stylizing your norms they are: cowboy extragave moderately more breadth down, of dark textile with boots of short cane and heel.
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