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Gaudí Fiancée
For: Montserrat Bros
It seems that Barcelona loses bellows in the world of the fashion, Gaudí disappeared, and there was replaced by a Footbridge Barcelona, which did not survive any more than two editions, like result of the sponsors' absence and the determination of the Generalitat for betting for young values.
Mythical marks and designers of Gaudí like TCN, Lidia Delgado, Situated Murt, Guillermina Baeza and Dolores Cortés have decided to take his things and tackle the adventure of Madrid. Nevertheless, Barcelona treads loudly in the sector of the fiancées. It is the indisputable modality of the wedding fashion, not only at even world national but European level. Designers of the size of Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Elie Saab or Cymbelline showed exclusive to the international press his bets for the fiancée of 2008: does anybody want to discuss his importance?

The footbridge started with one of his main courses, Catalan Rosa Clará, that along with Pronovias they export 60 % of the Spanish wedding textile production. The image of the mark, the quoted one ý the thinnest Spanish model Marina Pérez gave the exit gunshot with a voluminous garment, which was marking the waist, with neckline word of honor and a skirt of vaporous gauze.

The keynote of the parade was the romantic garments and of court empire inspired in the craft of the 50s, which were alternating with other voluminous wedding pieces or with pleating that were recovering the purity of the target with all his tones the crude oil, the broken target and the color pale tea. The least conventional fiancée also allowed to be made out by dressed drapers prepared with organza of silk and necklines halter and some minigarment.

The glamor or the personages of the pink chronicle, each one who judges for himself, also did presence act with the model Laura Ponte, ex-muse of the designer and the well-known Gem Ruiz, who captured immediately the attention of the ‘role art paper’. But the most famous thing was to see the native the megaphotographed garments that Clará designed for the Mexican Paulina Rubio.

The German designer Karl Lagerfeld chose Barcelona to present exclusive and for the first time his proposals for the fiancée, although one threw in absence his presence. Do you imagine a parade without the greeting of the creator? The simplicity and the abstinence were two imperatives of the collection but with details cuidadísimos that were appreciated in the jewels, the textures, the cuts, the embroideries, purist ones in transparences and in mother-of-pearl, and the quality of the textiles.

only a garment with neckline of word of honor, which the Catalan model Elisabet Mas was showing, was allowing itself certain volume thanks to a skirt of frills that he was emphasizing between the ethereal, vaporous pieces and with linings scarcely visible that they were flowing on the body of the manikins.

Jesus del Pozo opened the second day of the footbridge. The embroideries of some skirts, the textiles that were sliding to the step of the models and a bet along the detail and the superposed pieces, his personal stamp, impregnated a collection for a romantic fiancée.

The volumes were born after a pronounced size and were getting together neither with other wedding pieces that have more free forms but that never allow themselves the exaggeration, nor the shrillness because In The Well it dresses an elegant, natural and comfortable woman.
The designer Hannibal Laguna gave a touch surf to the footbridge Gaudí Novia with a collection that was distilling magnificence thanks to the garments of tail, the bonds, the frills, the volumes and his inspiration in the tonadillera suits for the cut of the forms.
The pens, the sheens, the frills and the tulle were impregnating the wedding Lagoon pieces giving this way a more bold and less conventional look of the fiancée. The necklines were the common denominator in almost all the garments, in his different versions: of bathtub, in the shape of heart, with the thinnest strips or of word of honor that there were leaving to the overdraft arms, back and shoulders. The model Arantxa Santamaría closed the parade in which the models went out after doll greeted with mini garments baby with frills.
Victorio and Lucchino brought the barroquismo and the craft in the footbridge Gaudí Novias that turned for the occasion into an Andalusian garden, thanks to the flowers that were projected in the soil, a few bulbs that were surrounding the footbridge, and an immense photo that was emulating the entry of a garden.

The tails of gypsy inspiration, the volumes, the frills, the skirts of tutu and the overloaded and baroque pledges turned into the common denominator of his proposals, between which also the wedding suits were for man.

The 20s recovered life in the low size of the pledges, the hats and the short garments that were mixed by the bucolic air that was already distilling the proper scenery and the hairdos with wheats of the models.

To part of a scenery cuidadísima, Victorio and Lucchino managed to start the applauses of the public during the parade, between which there were finding the presenter Paula Vázquez, singer Támara, the counsellor of Commerce Tourism and Consumption, Joan Huguet, the leader of CiU Xavier Picking out and the wife of Artur Mas, Helena Rakosnik.

Nevertheless, who caused more sense of expectancy was the international top model karolina kurkova that paraded for the Galician Patricia Avendaño. Journalists, photographers and onlookers were looking for it in the 'backstage', but nobody had seen it, although a few kilometric legs and one meter eighty of height are not synonymous of tact.

Would happen the same that with capricious Naomi Campell who, after signing the contract and landing in Barcelona, refused to parade because he did not like the garments?: would those of the organization have to go to request him and to ask him please to expire with his work as they did with the goddess of ebony, which he accepted, finally, unwillingly?

No. Kurkova made be waited, like everything good, but he did not defraud. His curves, his smile and his sure gait started the applauses, in his three appearances, of a public tired of the thinnest, languid models and without expression. The Czech model did like Julius Caesar: it came, won and went away.

The celebrities also found his place in this edition of Gaudí Novias. The appointment was the Pronovias parade in Palau Sant Jordi, who was putting the final brooch to an event with glamor, good taste and elegance. The nobility was not missing with Genoveva Casanova, the world of the television cathode with the tandem formed by Ann García Siñériz and Boris Izaguirre, the movies with Goya Toledo and Leticia Dolera and a legion of children of... Alejandro Prat, Kevin Costner, Keith Richards, Andy García and Julio Iglesias demonstrating that there is nothing better than to be the son of a famous person to do a hollow to him in this type of events.

A luxurious cásting: Eugenia Silva, thinner and thinner, Elisabeth Mas and Laura Sánchez, who recently has been a mother along with the international ones the Czech Hana Soukupova, the Brazilian Isabeli Fontana and the Australian Miranda Kerr showed the Mote creations, Valentino and Saab.
The creative director of Pronovias, Manuel Mota, bet for a classic fiancée with a point of adventurousness, which there includes from the court garments empire, which they resuscitate the spirit of Jane Austen, to the honor words with brads up to the bodies of jewels and the laces. Also, Pronovias introduces the mini - dress for the most avant-garde fiancées or like the second garment.
2008 also is provided with a collection Pronovias Vintage that he bets for silhouettes inspired in the 50s, finished handmade, luxurious liberated embroideries of ancient files with stones and aged materials.
For his part, Valentino, who was not in his parade, showed exclusive in Barcelona his collection for fiancée, who can be acquired in the shops Pronovias of the whole world. The Italian designer praised for the bras drapeados that were getting together with tulles; the laces and sophisticated superpositions of macramé, organza and pleating soleil. The seamstress was faithful to his creation line and he bet for an elegant and refined fiancée, far from the shrillness and the provocation.
Other of the consecrated ones and stay away, the Lebanese Elie Saab - who dressed Rania of Jordan in the wedding of Mrs Letizia Ortiz and don Felipe de Borbón - it created a collection that was leaking out to romanticism with long skirts and tapes concerning the bust. The garments were done in organdie and taffeta of silk, mikado, lace of chantilly and laces with some embroideries of pearls and spangles.
Parades that were alternated by the holidays organized by the designers, models, the called “nice people”, designers, famosillos, daughters of dad and eager journalists and photographers led the appointment of the wedding fashion in Barcelona, where the whole explosion of creation, craft, good to do and the fruit of long working time was mixed by the time exposures for the press, the appearances and the stuffed faces with bótox. But especially, it was, as I have already said earlier, an event full of elegance, glamor and good taste.
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