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Jesus del Pozo
Jesus del Pozo
Jesus del Pozo
Jesus del Pozo
Jesus del Pozo
His collection spring - summer 2009 shows us some of his invariable signs of identity: oriental influence and simplicity of lines that border sometimes on the architectural thing. Pero del Pozo continues in this idea that there reflect the collections of his last years of doing a fashion more commercial that supports a major tuning with an urban, active and cosmopolitan woman without resigning for it from his fits of creative intuition and from his fantasy of high voltage.
The textiles étereos like the gazar and the muslin together with the colors effects I degraded and iridescent they give to the collection a tone of big agility, and of fluid elegance. The coloring continues this game: target, siena, gray pearl, green water and citric tones. Colors that seem to retain the spring light and that invite to enjoy the nature.

For the night the white person and the black do his appearance with straight suits with falls in the back. The whole glamor and the movement of the 20s with his evocations to the Charleston appear in the adornments of fringe and in the dynamism of the pleating. The woman who proposes of the Well is active and vital with a dynamic modernity and without fissures.

Jesus del Pozo is still framed in the boss of a romantic and personal creator with a rare intuition to dive in the mesenteries of the creation and to obtain a few essential designs that rarely fit to the conventional tendencies of the fashion of every moment and that provide his models of a proper stamp. “I am not a big businessman, I am a craftsman” - he assures. Nevertheless his logotype travels all over the world. In Japan they have had a big success. His subtle pledges without false abundance have drawn very well into the oriental world.

In the trajectory of Jesus del Pozo they represent many awards and important distinctions as the golden medal to the Merit in Fine arts that the King delivered to him in 1998. Continuing with the keynote of the current designers it has penetrated into other designs foreign to the fashion in dressing from glasses up to chinas and carpets and especially fragrances for woman and for man that they have cost him several important awards Also it has been able to get in the world of the children what cost him in the year 2004 the Award to the best infantile collection that grants the Fair of infantile and juvenile Fashion of Valencia.

Another characteristic of Jesus del Pozo, who was the first president of the “Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain”, is his interest in the humanistic and professional formation of the new designers. It has been at the head or collaborating actively in many of these projects departing from a vision of the fashion with deep humanistic and cultural roots. In 2007 it got the award Bufi and Pages for his passion to teach more young people.
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