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For: Josefina Figueras
His concept of the fashion starts of a bet for the personality of every woman. Purification García, this designer of shy aspect and sober gestures, is sure that every woman is the only and unrepeatable at the time of looking for her own style.
He thinks that the fashion-victim is a memory of the past and bets for a natural fashion, without extravagance. His creations are exhibited in twenty shops distributed by the whole Spain. Recently it has inaugurated in Mexico his last boutique

When did his interest in the fashion start?
From kidling I liked the fashion. I am more self-educated than another thing. I have not gone to any important school because my parents were a few farmers of very humble condition and they could not help me, as I am helping my children in this moment. I had liked having major preparation but I believe that this has marked the rhythm of the effort to me, of going out forward every day, of looking for a place in the life with the proper work.

How does an important position manage to be done in the Spanish fashion?

I was born in Castelo del Vale, a people of the province of Orense. When it was very small my parents emigrated to Uruguay, later we live in Canada and finally we settle down in Barcelona, where I live at present. In the 70s, the textile was centred on Sabadell, on Tarrasa and I was interested in very much this field. I presented a collection of skirts, shirts, basic pledges that it had enough success and already in the 80 I introduced the topic of the jackets, which has always been my strong point, and gave a big jump because I was not content with the textiles that it had and was aspiring more. I began traveling, going to fairs especially to Italy and specifically As for to see closely as the silks were working.

Vd. seems to be that it has always centred his interest on the textiles...

It has always intrigued me to innovate in the textile. I have used many technical textiles that have been used for years for pledges of ski and of sport and that now are already used for the street and that need special machines. I admire very much Miyake that was one of the first ones who did textile investigation at level laboratory, with his pleating and his wrinkled pledges. For me the base is the textile and later you form them.

His fashion is urban and of functional lines: how is it going to face to this wave of current barroquismo, to this avalanche of frills and bonds?
I believe that they can work of a lot of forms. There are bonds and bonds. Some of them are a romantic type, with brads and other more sober facts with much stronger textiles. I am adapting it little by little. Anyway I have never moved for tendencies, have created a fashion to my air. In previous stages it even was extracting a collection that was calling “To my way” much crazier and free, with a very Japanese touch.

Vd. devotes himself very much to the accessories: Why so much importance does one give them at present?

Because they suppose an entertaining touch. It is possible to have a closet of basic and to complete it with accessories to tone. They solve many things. For example if you go out in the morning with a black garment and later later you have to go to a dinner, to an opening, to an art room with the touch of a necklace, of a purse of a strong color or of an original and entertaining brooch you solve the ballot paper.

His collaborators say that Vd. is much a perfectionist and that it controls up to the last detail: is it like that or they exaggerate a little?
The truth is that they do not exaggerate. Sometimes my daughters say it to me. The kidling, who has entered also the world of the fashion, says to me that I am too punctilious, that I want to come too much at the end of the things, that I am always in the search and it turns out to be difficult to give a thing well completed to me. I believe that in a certain way this is a positive thing but I admit that it has also his disadvantages.

Which have the tricks of his victory been in the fashion?

The steadfastness, the work, the being consistent with one herself from the morning until the night, to have a good recipe and to offer it with the truth ahead.

Every time the fashion is related more to the culture: does he believe that the fashion is an art?
I believe that if to the effect that it works with the same stimuli, with the same esthetic currents, but that especially it is a philosophy, a life style that the mental state and a character includes.

Which is his principal inspiration source?

The trips, the world, the people. To travel excites me. I am a lover of the Asian Southeast, this is what really inspires at level colors to me. Indonesia, Malaysia, are wonderful places

In addition to the textiles the color has been other of his strong points: what are his favorite colors?

The gray ones, the oils, the chocolate-colored ones and especially the black and the white person, my favorite ones, although as the public asks for it sometimes I resort to other colors that are not between my preferences like rose or the yellow lemon.

Does the age of the woman suppose a very strong determinant at the time of dressing?
Everything is necessary to see it according to the esthetics and the physicist not only because it is a domineering tendency. I try to motivate my clients so that they go comfortable and sports, so that they do not stagnate only in a type of suits and this at any age. The woman must be her own stylist. What cannot is to be disguised, but there are easy pledges for all the ages. I often exchange equal garments with my daughters some tile us, that a huntress that a top

Vd. has written a called book “to Have style” Say to me of a form much summed up of that it   consists to have style.

He supposes many things. A mark pledge does not consist of putting itself only, but also being able to choose, her to be able to lead knowledge to walk, to be able to take a purse. It is also in the movements. It is possible to take a spectacular suit but to be clumsy. Often everything is in the look in the gestures: in so many things!
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