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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
A tall, thin, modern, rather sophisticated woman, is the image that there detach the illustrations of Arturo Helen (Teruel, 1957), which are exhibited in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid, owing to the celebration of his 25 years of work. Fifty two pieces in view of the spectators, in which there are appreciated good drawer's talent as well as his big sense of the color and of the style. The illustrator has worked for different fashionable designers like Roberto Verino, Victorio and Lucchino, Loëwe, The Extreme Collection, Lemóniez, Rio Dayne and Custo Barcelona. Proper Arturo Helen has been the commissioner of the sample.
The exhibition, which will remain opened until January 10, 2010, is counted with a good catalog and texts of Enrique Loewe, Pedro Mansilla, by Fernando Lemóniez, Juan Manez, Chanel or Sara Glattstein. Art and fashion on different supports that realizes of the esthetic evolution that dyes the life of the city. For the illustrative artist, his work departs from the realism of the pledge or of the parade of models that he contemplates.

In addition to illustrations for fashionable designs, Arturo Helen has been employed at feminine magazines like Telva, Cosmopolitan (Spain), Woman Hoy, elle, Romantique and Elegance, Beadlife, Maxim (Portugal), Angeline's (France), Snitt (Norway), X-Funs (Taiwan) and Vision (China). Also it has carried out campaigns of companies like Citroën, Reynlods, Lucky Strike, Wine vaults Vineyards of the Vero and others.

If Penagos created an elegant image of the woman in Madrid of the first half of the XXth, Arturo Helen offers us another feminine silhouette that the imaginary one of many women invigorates, although perhaps they do not reach the slenderness and elegance of his icons, after all it is a question only of illustrations. Glamor and femininity of a few women those who like dressing good and who bet for the current fashion; women who suppurate a point of frivolity and unimportance, like the famous girls of Kiraz in the famous drawn bands of humor. His checkers with puppy, leopard or horse constitute one of his habitual genres.

Arturo Helen has been recognized like the first name in the world of the illustration and has known the success to full hands, from his humble origin, since he studied with scholarship in Barcelona. The Enlightenment teaching has taken it I finish in the European Institute of Design in Madrid.

The colors felt-tips are his key pigment and the pasteboard his favorite support, with them it achieves luminous drawings of elegant and beautiful women. For A. Helen, an illustrator is that that “reflects graphically the philosophy of a signature, the design of a creator, the ambience of a collection or the intention of a fashionable reportage”. The illustrator quotes his inspiration sources in the art of Velázquez, Mengs, Silver Sargent, Boldini, Sorolla or Sert, but also it admires the works of illustrators as René Gruau or Stefano Canulli.
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