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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Carmen Poveda
Laura Amat
Sara Navarro
All the tendencies in shoes, purses and leather complements for the still distant autumn - winter, we have seen them assembled in Modacalzado+Iberpiel, celebrated contest from March 17 until March 19 in Fair of Madrid. In the IFEMA pavilions, more than 600 marks appeared, in spite of the crisis. ASMODA was there and it moves forward to you the keys of the footwear that we will take for the period of the cold.

In the exhibition “Shop window of the Fashion”, a shop window with real samples of signatures taking part in the Fair, we saw the showiest proposals in footwear. But, also, the contest showed a big offers variety with a few common rules:

LIVE THROUGH THE BOOTIES. - The platforms and the wedges will Keep on taking in everything. The boots and booties will receive even more leading role if it fits, and fringe will come with denim style in leather or type roquero, with buckles, thongs, and up to spurs. But also with reminiscences of the XIXth century, to the style Mary Poppins, and vintage, as those of Gioseppo. We will see the boots of very high cane, so much pages as with dizziness heels. Those of Homers and Off&Cina and Pons Quintana was an example.

RENEWED "MERCEDITAS". - The shoes moccasins Keep on triumphing with wedges, high and wide heel or small platforms. And those of style "merceditas", renewed, of wide bracelet and round toecap and sometimes type "peep" toe, come with a lot of force. Very varied, with applications of metal and wood. Laura Amat and Evenness Alima were right with his creations.

THE VIOLET COLOR REIGNS. - In what it refers to colors, the black keeps on being essential, although there shares leading role with the tones violets, plum and eggplant, red wine, deep blue, bronzes and browns, which will mark the great step more than in previous periods. They come strongly the colors miscellany in the same footwear, especially in toecaps and even with Scotch pattern. Sara Navarro and Carmen Poveda presented shoes and booties in his stand of more "in".

LACQUER EVERYWHERE. - The lacquer and before serán the materials ensign for the urban footwear of the autumn - winter, in which the leather dyed in diverse colors will reign also, forming “collage“, both in footwear and in purses. We saw them in the stands of F&D and Pons Quintana.

WITH AROMAS. - The signatures Sara Navarro y Kurhapies presented a curious exclusive innovation of his mark. As the footwear is also an agent of health and well-being, they showed three lines directed to the progress of the health and the image: shoes with aromas to cherry, gardenia, and of orange blossom flower for the fiancée's footwear.

TO WALK AND TO BURN CALORIES. - The sports footwear acquires a lot of force to the reconvertirse in urban. There are also innovations in soles and molds for newspaper that improve the position to the gait and on having remained standing. Plantillas who helps to burn calories and reduce the cellulitis and that gather skills of the reflexology podal and the biomagnetism, across magnets that provide physical and mental well-being. Those that Biostep was presenting, between others.

PURSES AND HAND PORTFOLIOS. - The protagonists of the autumnal period will be the rectangular medium purses of short handle, the portfolios of hand and the maxibolsos type I extract, patterns, quilted and with rough textures, with miscellanies of materials and of imitation of reptile. The mark F&D had them very varied and of exquisite design. Those of the signature Ditomo, very original.

GLAMOR AND HOLIDAY. - With heels of dizziness and small platforms, the tones are full of glamor: gilded and bronzes, brilliant tones with finished sateen, stones applications, crystal and buckles dieciochescas. Open lounge spades and “peep toe”. The toecaps become wealthy.

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