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For: Josefina Figueras
The Museum of Manuel Piña in Manzanares, his hometown, began his journey in May, but the official opening of the Museum, foreseen for September, it will go accompanied by an emotive homage: the designer of La Mancha, one of the first "heroes" of the Cibeles, will be nominated an associate of honor of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain. A recognition deserved to a short but singular trajectory, which opened new ways for the Spanish fashion.
Manuel Pia was always a lover of his ground. In an interview that I had occasion to do to him a few months before the illness was truncating his life, he said to me that he had been born in Manzanares, but that it should specify Manzanares of the Spot because in the geography espaola there are five peoples with the same name and he was feeling very proud d
July / ago 2007
Nobody can imagine a world without color and less in the art of dressing. It is the thesis that they support Andrés Carretero y Akiko Fukai, the commissioners of a coloristic exhibition that takes place in the Museum of the Suit until the next September 23. The sample is organized by the Department of Culture and Kyoto Costume Institute. Between the exposed suits they represent pieces of Fortune, good represented in the museum.
June, 2007
Do not forget to extract a little bit to know on culture and fashion. Asmoda makes it now easier to you, presenting six essential books to you for your particular library. The whole challenge you to keep on acquainting, thoroughly, on fashion, his meaning, his real importance, how he believes, who is behind her... finally, the mesenteries that hide after her. There they go!
April, 2007
Several current jewels designers have given themselves appointment with the public in the capital of Spain. Lianne Katsuki, the President of the “Association author's Jewel” that summons them mostly, advocates a few pieces that have the only stamp and a prestige signature...
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