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For: Gabriela Fockt
Inside the swell of intense tones that devastate the fashion of this period the collection of Donna Karan, with his soft tones, it is like a serenity oasis. This designer, the real queen of the fashion neoyorkina, tilts between the European elegance and the sports comfort of the American fashion. His inspiration source is the city of New York and in his creations it personifies what it loves of this city: his modernity, his energy and his cosmopolitan and open spirit.
In his collection for spring - summer 2008 Donna Karan has resorted once again to his easy, versatile style and cool. His fashion is directed to a real woman. Desmarcándose of the intense coloration of the period has presented his models in tones sand, raw, gray silver and beige makeup. They emphasize the garments with wide skirts, with
April, 2008
Strict tailors, entire reign of the garment, sets where he can exercise his bold contrasts of colors, wide and short blouses and a length of skirt up to the knee … East might be the summary of the fashion of Fernando Lemoniez for spring - summer. A fashion directed to an urban woman who looks for the functionality but covered with original touches
March, 2008
“It is a question of an explosion of color inspired by the watercolors of Jeremiah Goodman” Carolina Herrera was saying on having finished the presentation of his collection for the spring - summer 2008 in Bryant Park of New York. Blue, green tonalities, roses, oranges, burdeos, the whole coloring of the watercolors of Goodman appear in this super collection feminine and full of imaginative details and of the most refined taste.
February, 2008
The same Giorgio Armani has declared that his inspiration for the collection Spring - summer 2008 is the south, his memories of a long summer in Sicily. Memories that Armani has mixed with diverse calls of other more distant cultures …
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