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For: Josefina Figueras
Asmoda celebrates his first year of life! During this contact time with all of you we have tried that the magazine was following the itinerary ilusionante that we proposed from the beginning to become an instrument, not only of information, but also of opinion and an analysis of the relation of the fashion with the esthetics, the culture and the life styles.
All those that we make Asmoda we chase these targets across the different sections of the magazine in which the specialists in every matter venture his orientations and advices. If in Collections, Tendencies and Complements we select the last thing that appears in the mixed universe of the fashion, in the Interviews
January, 2007
Karl Lagerfeld, says that “the elegance is not a physical concept, because it is an attitude before the life. If a woman is not elegant in his gestures and in his movements, it it will not be in his garments”.
December, 2006
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The air of holiday that impregnates the ambience presides today at our magazine ASMODA.
November, 2006
It does weeks it was having dinner with a group of friends. We all seated ones about the table were chatting animatedly when someone, accidentally, suggested me a new topic to write. He spoke about normality. And then I said to him: but what is “the normal thing”? Who stipulates it?
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