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For: Josefina Figueras
The Footbridge Cibeles keeps on growing. In this edition, 37 designers have given us a vision of the fashion autumn - winter, although the months that are still missing they will be tinting details and will polishing edges. At the moment the key proposals are: the line moves between the romanticism and the architectural forms. The purple one and the blue dyes, with interfering of the yellow one and of the red one, there are the triumphant colors along with the force of the black like eternal proposal. It continues the duo of the success: white person and black. The garment is the pledge it covers with stars. Important shoulders, belts and corseletes “jewel“ highest, heels and platforms, and the skirt gaining the game to the pants.
Although there has been of everything, how in the vineyard of the Gentleman, the level of the last footbridge has been more than acceptable, perhaps the highest of the last periods. The Footbridge has been incorporating names of weight and the set has accused positively the new procurement. Also a wise move has been the inclusion of young values in the desf
February, 2008
It has been one very special week. On the one hand dyed of nostalgia for Valentino's retreat after 45 years of wasting elegance and creativity and for other the welcome to Josep Font, the Spanish designer who has taken to the footbridge of Paris the magic and poetry of his fashion. And like always this touch of teatralidad and of exoticism that acomapaña to the High fashion and mark tendencies from the most exclusive sectors of the fashion.
January, 2008
Velvet mixed with wool or leather, hats years 30, vests and duffle coats, are the pledges and textiles that are in charge in these months of cold, the rawest of the winter. The tones are: white persons, blacks and all the tonalities of gray with some touch of copper color in scarves or another complement. The footwear is praised by the warm booty.
December, 2007
The holidays approach … it is necessary to give a return to the closet to restore or to update the sets dedicated to these “more special” days that pass along with the family or the friends. He bets for a new look between the possibilities that offer the different footbridges. New coloring, unusual textures and classic or bolder combinations. The fashion is more and more optional to offer to us the pleasure of choosing.
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