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For: Gabriela Fockt
His collection has resorted once again to a topic that has been one of his constant sources of inspiration: the Western... but luxurious. In general the models for autumn - winter of Ralph Lauren, who has already celebrated his 40 years in the world of the fashion, tilt between the elegance british, and the pledges of the purest American tradition. Round colors, high quality textiles and a topic that dominates in the fashion of this year and that Ralph has used with big wise move for every hour of the day: the pictures.
A series of garments, long skirts and comfortable sets in woven double - face or of cashmere they are the most urban part of the collection. The coloring is nourished of intense tones like the red one, the green, orange and the purple without rejecting any black's accurate touches. Lauren, expert in combinations, uses the print leopard for
September, 2008
His collection autumn - winter 08-09 is an almost cinematographic trip for the daily life of a woman. A fascinating study of his tastes and situations to offer him an entire look. This Catalan designer has in his veins the force of the textile. Situated Murt always surprises with new threads, miscellanies and finished, fruit of a rigorous investigation, which gives life to new forms and volumes. His fashion speaks to a young, active, supermodern and very feminine woman whom it dresses for every hour of the day.
July, 2008
For this summer Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada re-lives through his everlasting victories prepared with something more about futurism. It is possible to be or not a fan of this designer but with what the whole world coincides the fact is that his fashion is personalísima and transmits an uncontrollable happiness of living. For the summer 2008 Agatha has resorted to his excesses of coloring and to his unmistakable icons with a few only resources that do that his collections monopolize wider and wider victories on a global scale.
June, 2008
Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz are two twin brothers who created the signature Ailanto in Barcelona in the year 1992. The esthetics of his fashion center on a visual universe in which they dominate the combination of colors, the geometric forms and references to the artistic movements of avant-garde. His fashion for the spring summer informs of these characteristics A collection in which the streaks, the patterns and the intense colors bring us over to a functional summer, with naif's fits with an easily recognizable personal style.
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