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For: Mercedes Álvarez
His shoes are exhibited in shop windows, as if of trataran jewels. The corporate color of the mark, the cherry, coordinated with the crema, illuminates the shop located in a central street of Madrid, where the conversation takes place with Sara Navarro. Black and white photos of the presentation of his collections, of the familiar factory in Elda, and of his grandfather with apron and sat in a chair, immersed in the dressmaking of his shoes, like a Geppetto polishing Pinocho. Another photo, receiving the golden Medal to the Merit of the hand Fine arts of the King, in 2005, stands out along with some of his creations
His aspect is fresh and simple, soft on having spoken and elegant in the movements. Sara Navarro born in the from Alicante city of Elda, belongs to the third generation of a family of craftsmen and industrialists of the footwear. His family is a proprietor of the company Kurhapies and Komfort Spain. Advised by his father, it created a line with his own n
May, 2009
In his more than 30 years of profession Jesus del Pozo has lived with intensity through all the ups and downs of the Spanish fashion. It was a key element of the "action of Madrid", it has been in the beginning of the Footbridge Cibeles and has been the first President of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain. In the last years his fashion has given a more commercial draft without losing his identity signs: a miscellany of lyricism and refinement, with a touch of oriental esthetics. In his last collection it has been praised by a sophisticated and slightly mysterious woman.
April, 2009
Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz are two twin brothers who form together the fashionable signature Ailanto placed in Barcelona from 1992. In this city the two graduated in Fine arts. The universe of his fashion is furiously visual and in him they dominate the graphic symbol, the combination of colors, the geometry of the streaks and the references to artistic movements of avant-garde. His introduction on the national market was across the Lounges Gaudí and Cibeles. His principal international markets are Japan, England, the United States, Hong Kong, Italy and Belgium.
March, 2009
He admits that the missing person Manuel Piña was his big teacher: "Of him I learned everything when I was raw". With Pineapple it began working in 1992 and later with Antonio Pernas, although in parallel it realized proper exhibitions. In 1995 it collaborated with the designer Cecilia Paniagua and founded the signature Duyos and Paniagua. With this name it entered the Footbridge Cibeles in 1997 and in 1998 the British Embassy in Madrid invited him to present his collection in the London Fashion Week. It was in 1999 when Duyos presented his first collection alone and obtained the award L'Oreal.
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